Greece: Serene in Santorini

A week in Greece: Santorini
Just lounging on the side of a cliff

Santorini Information:
Ferry website: Hellenic Seaways @
Hotel: Homeric Poems @

After three days of non-stop partying & drinking at Mykonos, Santorini  was our next stop on our all girls Greece trip and it was much needed. We took the ferry from Mykonos to Santorini using Hellenic Seaways. The ferry ride was definitely not as bad as we feared. You load all your luggage underneath the dock and find your seat and zonk out for about three hours. The ride is smooth sailing albeit feels slow and along the way, they allow passengers to go outside and take scenic photos of the sea and sunset.

We stayed at Homeric Poems located off the Firostefani cliff overlooking the caldera and the Aegean sea. The hotel room was a loft with the bed located up a white ladder with a futon couch placed underneath. The bathroom was outfitted with a huge tub and surrounded by dark volcanic rock. It was a comfortable and serene stay.

The girls made sure to visit the infinity pool for the amazing views and sexy fantastic photos.


We arrived around sunset and were greeted with refreshing lemonade cocktails. The sunset was a dazzling ray of reds, oranges, and yellows against the darkening blue sea. The world grew quiet as we sat and watched the last remnants of the day disappear.


This view is actually the best on the island – contrary to going to Thira (the old side of Santorini). When we went to Thira to look at the sunset, the cliffs were packed to the brim with people and unless you were a good 6’2″ tall, you were not going to be able to snap any beautiful photos without someone else’s head in it.

If you can snag a hotel or villa off the Firostefani cliff then I suggest skipping the sunset at Thira, pull our your wallets and head to the jewelry stores. The silver jewelry here is quality and reasonably priced. There is even some expected bargaining for big purchases.


Our place…pristine and white


Messing around


I really don’t think there’s any words for these pictures except stunning.

the path down to the busy part of the island
Some vino with ice cream and fruit

Even in early September, it was hot with the sun beaming down high mid-day. I advise bringing bottled water, a hat, sunglasses, and plenty of sunscreen around with you. Despite the heat, my alcoholic loving self still felt compelled to drink vino & beer (Mythos) everywhere.

mythos beer – refreshing…and much needed
sweating my butt off in this picture





Santorni was everything I expected it to be – the views did not disappoint, the food and wine was delicious, the shopping was endless and it was getting closer to the end of our trip after heading back to Athens.