Greece: Sailing in Santorini

sailing in santorini

One activity we HAD to do was sailing in Santorini!

After some researching via Google, I found Sprirdakos Sailing or Santorini yachts online. It is a family owned business and making reservations was super easy. I contacted them via email and promptly received a reply filled with all the information on their cruises and options.

We opted for a semi-private cruise (the more the merrier) during the day with the bigger lunch that included unlimited wine + beer. (I was supremely joyous after hearing this). We were picked up at 9.30 am in a van and paid in cash. A quick 10-15 minute drive and we were at the dock ready to sail off into the Aegean sea and take in all the breathtaking views.

sailing in santorini

After a quick introduction to our captain and crew, we were told to sit or lay back, relax + have FUN!!! We stopped at 3 or 4 places to relax, take pictures, and do a little swimming. The stops were at Red Beach, Black Beach, and the hot springs full of sulfuric acid.

Most of the time we sat in silence just soaking in the warm rays of sunshine sipping on our chardonnay and enjoying the peaceful view of the blue sea around us. Mai was our main photographer for the excursion. After each stop, we were able to jump into the deep blue sea. I was having too much of a good time sunbathing and drinking to partake in the diving though.

Don’t my gals just look beautiful? Love ’em to pieces.

sailing in santorini

I highly suggest bringing: sunscreen + hat + your camera and an extra towel or two if you plan to go swimming. Everything else is covered by the tour.

sailing in santorini
Whats up?
sailing in santorini
Mai loungin with her shades

We stopped by a spot by the Black sea for a chance to jump in the water for quick cold plunge. The hot springs was the next stop after that.  They advised not to wear white or light colored swimsuits since the water will leave it stained a copper tone. While we were there, another “cruise boat” was there and it was PACKED TO THE BRIM of people. Suffice it to say, none of the passengers looked pleased. It was like seeing cattle herded on a small mini ship.

I am pretty sure we spied some envious looks as we sailed by with our 10-12 passengers on board.

sailing in santorini
This is why we opted for our own semi-private cruise

sailing in santorini

The crew was amazing – Captain Leo was friendly and we really had no idea they were even around the entire time. We were offered refreshments as soon as we boarded. The unlimited beer + wine was something I totally took advantage of. Lunch consisted of a variety of dishes including fresh fruit, veggies, pastas, cold cuts, sausages, salads, and dips.

Overall, it was an amazing + relaxing day. After three full days of non-stop partying & drinking at Mykonos, this was just what we needed. Some rest & relaxation sailing in Santorini.

sailing in santorini
Mai diving into the deep blue waters
sailing in santorini
Life is great
sailing in santorini
Random candid shot I took
sailing in santorini
don’t be fooled, I’m sucking in like crazy

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Practical Information:
Sailing Tour:

+ Semi-private or private (we went private)
+ Day cruise or sunset (we went day which was 4 hours)
+ Optional: We splurged and got the upgraded option which included pick up/drop off + lunch (great Greek food + wine/beer) +  snorkel equipment
+ Book online and get a discount! (pay in cash when picked up)


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