Give a damn. Many damns.

give a damn

+ Why you should give a damn. About something. Anything.

My first post was all about identifying + exploring your passions.

This second part will explain about making choices and taking control — of your life to live with passion.

Like I wrote before, most people are working to live. This is assbackwards. Seriously.

Everybody wants to live + work their passion.

+ Reality check: This doesn’t and can’t always be real life. With life comes responsibility + obligations (children or taking care of your elderly parents while keeping a roof over your head and food on the table, etc.)

So to people with a more realistic life-setting —  your passions need to be prioritized around the life you’re living and the life you want to live. Sometimes that change is one that only happens within your own head — a new mindset. It’s the magic that makes the mundane meaningful.

Give a damn.

:: Your passions are worth your time ::

Without them, you’ll die a little every day because the rat race does AND will slowly sucks the soul out of your very being.

Sometimes life is too fast and it is too easy to go with the flow. I’m sorry to tell you but the flow is usually downhill.

So whatever it is that fills you with fire + keeps you ticking − keep at it. All it takes is you making it a priority + strategy. Your passions are the essence of you and what makes your life personally worth living.

So. Are those things being nurtured?

Or are you ignoring yourself and focusing on everything else that may or may not be “you?”

So: Be you + Do you, never apologize for it and keep on doing whatever it is that makes you dance inside.

One more thing: People often misunderstand goals as passion. Writing a song is a goal.  Writing songs is a passion. Climbing Mt. Everest is a goal but hiking with nature is a passion. Finishing that screenplay is a goal but writing is a passion.

What are you doing to make your life passion-filled and more fulfilling?


  • I just discovered your blog and I have to say that I really appreciate your message 🙂

    ‘People often misunderstand goals as passion. Writing a song is a goal. Writing songs is a passion’ – so very true!

    I just started working for myself and the control I have over how I now spend my days and use my time has made getting back to what I love so much easier, which is really motivating. I’ve made making time for the gym a major priority, and I’ve finally gotten back to blogging which I had put on hold for the last four years if you can believe it. For so long I was stuck in the goal faze of things, so it’s great to get back the passion/fun part.

    • Thank you so much for visiting! I am so glad you started working for yourself – that is also one of my goals as well since I want that sort of control in my life. I also really need to make the gym a priority even though it is def. NOT a passion of mine! Here’s to having more fun!

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