Ultimate Gift Guide for the Digital Nomad In Your Life

Ultimate Gift Guide for the Digital Nomad In Your Life

What the heck do you give a digital nomad? They’re traveling all over the world and most of the time, they’re minimalists to boot. Digital nomads live out of their backpacks so it is not like you can mail them a bottle of their favorite wine or anything like that. To help friends, I wrote up a list of the best gift guide for the digital nomad in your life! Enjoy!

Check out the ultimate gift guide for the digital nomad in your life

Travel-themed gifts for digital nomads

  • Priority Pass
    The Priority Pass is an airport lounge pass that allows you to visit lounges from over 200+ airports. If your minimalistic digital nomad friend is a traveler, the priority pass allows them to experience more comfort (food, drinks, wifi, and showers) while on the road.
  • Airbnb Gift Certificates
    For the millennial or modern-day traveler, purchase a gift certificate to use with Airbnb on their travels or vacations.
  • Airline Miles or Airline Giftcards
    Find out the airline your digital nomad friend flies the most on and purchase some airline miles or gift cards. That way, you can see your digital nomad even more!
  • Insurance for the digital nomad
    Every question a digital nomad has to when abroad is “how do I get insurance?” Most digital nomads end up using travel insurance or purchase a very expensive international plan but now there are other options for digital nomads. Safety Wing is a new insurance platform for digital nomads that are entrepreneurs and freelancers who can’t get insurance from their employer.
  • Global Entry Fee
    Nobody likes to stand in line at immigration and customs. Speed up their waiting time by paying for their global entry fee! It’s incredibly useful and the gift that keeps on giving. They just need to make the appointment and come in for the interview at the airport.
  • Anker Power Bank
    Digital Nomads need few physical things to live but a powerful and efficient power bank is necessary. My personal favorite is from Anker. Mine is 3 years old and going strong!

For digital nomadic creators

  • MakeBook or NomadList
    If you’re a nomad looking for a digital nomad community to connect with others, NomadList is the biggest one. Pieter creates a ton of tools for the digital nomad to make life easier. He also wrote MakeBook which is a crowd-sourced book for the person who desires to be a creator.
  • Hacker Paradise
    The digital nomad in your life wants to meet, connect, work, and play with other digital nomads and creators? Hacker Paradise is a great inclusive and productive program where you can live with other creatives and technologists for months at a time. If they get accepted, help out with their funds!
  • Roost Stand
    Every digital nomad I know had to avoid backpack and shoulder pain while working away on their laptops. This gift is useful and I’ve seen a ton of people whip these out at co-working spaces and cafes or coffee shops.
  • Dropbox subscription or iCloud
    Digital nomads always need to make sure their important files and photos are backed up because laptops break and/or get stolen and you always need to make sure you back up everything.

Entertainment gifts for digital nomads

  • E-books/Audiobooks
    Digital nomads travel very light (or most of them do). Therefore, they have minimal packing space in their backpacks and luggage. Instead of purchasing real books, grab them e-books or audiobooks that you think they would enjoy reading. An alternative is to send them an Amazon gift card or Barnes & Noble gift card so they can purchase e-books and audiobooks instead.
  • Digital Subscriptions
    Your digital nomad needs a break from working, coding, or marketing sometimes. Gift a subscription to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or another subscription like UFC, NBA, NFL, or MLB to keep up with their favorite sport while abroad.

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