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Some updates on Generic Dreams and my life…

I’ve got a confession to make.


I’ve finally got a home. Yes, a place that I’m staying at – for awhile. That place is….Hawaii!

Why Hawaii?

During my nomadic journey, I always thought about where I’d end up or what place would be somewhere that I’d want to make a home or a place to put down some new roots. To be frank, going back to northern Virginia/Washington DC was not an option. It was never home and I always knew it. I lived in my apartment there for four years  and never had the urge to decorate it because I knew I was going to leave again at some point. The next possible idea was California. I was born in  San Jose and my parents live in Sacramento so it makes sense to be close to my family. I actually lived in San Francisco for a few months and while it was fun, the weather was not for me (too cold).

So then…

Where to? I could definitely see myself living somewhere in Asia but not forever. Then Hawaii became an idea. Hawaii is as close to Asia as I’m going to get but it is still a part of the US (a developed country which is a perk). The food is fantastic (with lots of Asian cuisine), the weather is amazing, and of course, the beautiful beaches & scenery. Another plus, I have some family on Oahu so all in all, the decision wasn’t too difficult to make.

I searched for an apartment and soon, found myself signing on the dotted line for year lease.

I’m excited to nest and make a place called home. (Don’t worry, I’m still living a minimalist life). My thoughts are to be in Hawaii for at least a year and probably the unforeseeable future. I will never stop traveling but there’s other goals I’m going after and ideas to cook up and manifest.

I’m happy because this decision was all me. Nothing else influenced where I was going to live but me. There were no outside factors like family pressure or work that forced me to be anywhere other than where I wanted to be. That is called purposeful living.

Living a life purposefully is one of my mantra’s and has been for awhile now. I can’t forget what I wrote in a previous blog post…

It’s about knowing what you want, realizing the possibilities, and making the correct choices to get there.

It’s been nice living my own life the past few years. As clumsy and imperfect as it is, it’s all me. I’m aiming to keep it that way.


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