Review: Flying Air Malta Airlines

Flying Air Malta
Flying Air Malta
Excuse the lack of quality in the photo! It was taken at 6 am after a bleary eight hour flight from London!

+ After arriving in London, I was set to fly Air Malta for the very first time.

Air Malta is the national airline of Malta and have hubs within Europe, Middle East, and North Africa (although this may change in the near future).

+ When flying Air Malta, carry-on was still free (some budget airlines will charge) and checking in one bag was also free. Any more would have a surcharge. *Thumbs up*

The airplane was simple – six seats in a row with three on each side. There is a small business class section and the rest is economy. I flew economy + was pleasantly surprised to find myself sitting in leather seats. The seats were not too small — however I’m small so I rarely have issues with seat width & leg room. Somebody a lot taller may disagree with me.

On a domestic economy flight for US-based airlines, it is very rare to have a complimentary meal – even for longer flights. Alcohol is never free either .  You will get a beverage – which is really a dinky sized dixie cup loaded with ice so you get two sips of your juice or soda.

Flying Air Malta

+ Imagine my surprise when we got served a hot meal, especially when it was only a three hour flight. I thought flying Air Malta would be a simple no frills experience (being such a short flight)!

I must admit – the meal wasn’t the BEST but it’s airplane food + it’s economy so I wasn’t expecting anything gourmet! Nobody should complain about free food anyway.

+ This meal was breakfast — some scrambled egg frittata, hash potatoes, with ham +  beans. It came with bread, butter, and a small sweet cake for dessert. Of course we had water + another beverage. Tea and coffee were also available afterwards! Not bad at all.

On my other flight with Air Malta, I had a late afternoon meal  and it was manicotti (tasty!) with the usual bread, small salad and dessert.

I had no complaints about the service. There was also enough overhead space for my carry-on bag and the flight attendants looked sharp + clean with their uniforms pressed. They greeted us as we got on the plane as well as getting off. There were no delays on either flight. If I ever fly Air Malta again, I hope it will be just as pleasant!

+ I was in Malta for the Blog Island Malta campaign.  The campaign was created by the iambassador team with  Malta Tourism Authority and the support of flying Air Malta. As always, no fakin in the makin – all thoughts and opinions are mine. Many thanks  for the opportunity to discover + explore magical Malta!


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