Five things I hate about traveling

things I hate about traveling

There’s a million awesome + amazing things about travel and people can ramble on about the perks & benefits of exploring the world.

What about the flip side? What are the downsides of traveling? Here are five things I hate about traveling

1. Security/Customs and long lines: Nobody likes long lines. Nobody. I hate having to subject myself to a body cavity search every time I want to travel – domestic or internationally. Le sigh. TSA ALL DAY!!

Luckily, we have TSA Pre-Check as well as Global Entry to help with the lines a little bit at bigger airports and domestic US travel. I usually expect “extremely long lines” and when it isn’t so bad – it’s a pleasant “surprise.” I also have my phone + kindle and will keep myself occupied while standing.

2. Lost luggage: When (not if – it’s when!) your luggage gets lost or delayed. The minutes ticking by as the luggage carousel keeps turning and your bag is not in sight. Then having to go to the airline counter and declare that your luggage seems to be lost or delayed. Then upset because you don’t have your THINGS.

I have this irrational fear of losing my luggage more than most so I only carry on nowadays.

3. Comfort on the airplane: LACKING. Unless you’re flying business/first class, you’re SOL when it comes to NOT counting the minutes till you land. The only person that is comfortable in a coach seat is me and a small 4 year old.

I do like the free alcohol on international flights though. Shamelessly asking for two glasses is my poor attempt at being more comfortable on the plane (and having an aisle seat). After getting sloshed, I grab my blanket + ear plugs + neck pillow + eye mask and dream the ride away.

4. Getting lost: ….when you don’t have the time to or can’t afford to wander. I love exploring + roaming around  except when I’m meeting a day tour group or something. Racing it to the train station and taking a wrong turn is enough panic to induce a heart attack.

Google Maps (with walking directions) pre-downloaded or printed out & a regular map – then learning to read it. It’s not exactly easy for me (personally) to orient myself using a map. I can barely tell the cardinal directions.  Having a good map is also crucial + asking people on the street is how I solve my problem of always getting lost.

5. Jet lag: Flying 12 hours to an awesome place and you’re too tired, grumpy, and bleary-eyed to even take in the initial excitement of the place.

Note the local time of your destination and make an effort to adjust on the plane ride accordingly. Hydrate + snack and eat if you are on a long-haul flight.

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