The Ultimate Female Digital Nomad Packing List

female digital nomad packing list

As a female digital nomad, I am happy and proud to say, I’ve perfected the art of packing for our independent and traveling kind. Most digital nomads are minimalists and I like to say I’m a bit of a minimalist as well.

One reason is that I hate checking in luggage because I’m terrified that it will get lost or delayed. As a result, I’ve culled my life to a single backpack. Here is my ultimate female digital nomad packing list of essentials, technologies, and extras to pack for (independent and awesome) female digital nomads who tend to travel or stay in the warmer climates!


  • Carry-on 1.0 Minaal Backpack: Since I started digital nomad-ing around 2014, I got their first generation backpack. This is the only backpack I carry on the plane. I never check in luggage because I’m deathly afraid it will get lost or I’ll have to wait hours for it. Who’s got time for that?! The Minaal backpack is still in good shape today. My only issue was the zipper pulls broke a few times but after I e-mailed customer support, they sent me a small bag of replacements. When I need a replacement, you can bet that I’ll purchase their Minaal 2.0 carry-on.
  • Eagle Creek Packing Cubes: I swear by packing cubes and I’ve never had trouble with Eagle Creek’s. They are durable, light-weight, and makes it easier to squish more clothes in than you think. I have a set of the green and white ones. I roll socks and underwear in the tiny ones. The medium sizes are for t-shirts, tank tops, and tops. The largest is for shorts and a few pairs of jeans or leggings and pants.
  • Longchamp Le Pliage Neo Crossbody: This is my daily bag or purse that I wear to keep my passport, wallet, and ID safe. It is also spacious enough to hold my Kindle, iPhone, Anker charger, and phone cord as well! It’s got a strong zipper and the nylon is very durable. If I’m not carrying that, I am carrying my Louis Vuitton monogram MM, which is also really durable and I tend to leave those back in storage unless I do a trip to Europe and care about fitting in at the moment.

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  • MacBook Air: I have the maxed out MacBook Air 13″ and it’s powerful enough for me to do all my daily essentials and work.
  • iPhone: I have the iPhone 6.I know. I need to upgrade but this will do for me.
  • Kindle: As a huge bookworm, I cannot live without my kindle. Reading is fundamental and really truly feeds the soul.
  • The REI Universal Travel Converter (4): I never carry an adapter with me anymore but I usually carry a few travel converters. This is my favorite because it comes in a little back drawstring pouch and it’s tiny enough to fit into plugs that don’t have a lot of room like those big bulky all-in-one converters.
  • Anker Portable Power Bank/Charger: I cannot live without my iPhone since I don’t have a camera (*gasp* A digital nomad without a DSLR or other fancy camera? I know). I’m a huge fan of Anker and can say their battery pack is reliable. This one has lasted me three years so far.
  • Headphones: I use the old earbuds that came with every iPhone with the headphone jack so I won’t even bother liking that.
  • Spotify: Ok, this isn’t something you pack but nobody can live without music these days. If you’re on the road or on the plane, you have to have tunes. I use Spotify and use the Download/Offline option to have music when I’m not connected to the internet.

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Clothes for a female digital nomad

  • TKEES flip flops: Every female digital nomad should have a pair of flipflops. I just replaced them with a pair of nude ones. They’re high quality, made of leather, and will not break easily like the plastic ones. They’re also thin, chic, and can be easily dressed “up’ or down.
  • Denim Shorts: I’m a big fan of American Eagle shorts since they come in size 00 or 0 and are short enough that my tiny short self (4’10) does not look stumpy or frumpy.
  • Tanktops & t-shirts: I’m a sucker for basics. Get tank tops and t-shirts in all the basic colors: white, grey, black, blue, beige/tan. Make sure they fit well. Throw in a pink or green for color but now you’ll match all the time. I know, I’m not a fashionista traveler but you can still look cute without being overly high maintenance.
  • VANS: These are my every day walking shoes. I originally had a pair of grey vans but they were easily dirtied so after they wore out, I ended up with a simple basic black pair. They are super comfy and wear well!
  • Hoodie: I usually pack a thin light-weight hoodie in my backpack and then wear a heavier zip-up one for cold airplane rides.
  • Leggings: Another female digital nomad essential. I usually carry one or two pairs of (black) leggings with me. These are mainly for the chilly airplane rides or if I travel to a temple or other place of worship that requires me to cover my legs.
  • Bathing Suits: I’m sure you have a few pairs to bring! Bring different ones that you can mix and match so it doesn’t get old in those Instagram photos.
  • Sarong: Again, this is for the pool or beach but you really need it when you visit temples or other places of worship and quickly need to cover your legs or shoulders/arms.
  • Sports Bra: I usually only bring one or two and alternate washing while wearing the other
  • Bras: I’m a fan of Victoria’s Secret. I usually bring a black, nude, and grey.
  • Socks and Underwear

Female Digital Nomad Packing List

Toiletries for a female digital nomad:

  • Travel-sized hairbrush: I love my mini travel brush and I still use it to this day.
  • Lush’s solid shampoo & conditioner: I store them in these little metal tins. I don’t use them all the time since if I can buy shampoo and conditioner wherever I am, I’m good. These are great in an emergency or if you’re out in the middle of nowhere.
  • Cleansers, lotions, face creams, and eye creams: I’m a huge fan of the travel section in drugstores. When I was really nomadic, I wished I had Birchbox and Ipsy. You can have them shipped to a family or friend’s house and pause when you take off again! Ipsy’s bags are great for organizing toiletries, hair ties, etc.
  • Divacup: I actually use another form of birth control so I do not get my period anymore. Aunt Flo never visits me if she gives you a monthly visit, I’ve heard that women love the diva cup. If you use them, these cute little bags can hold them for you.

There you have it, my ultimate packing list for a female digital nomad. What about working in airports as a digital nomad?