Exploring the Haight-Ashbury district in San Francisco

Exploring the Haight-Ashbury district in San Francisco

It felt really good to be back in the Bay area being that I was born there but haven’t been back in about nine years. San Francisco was looking mighty fine when I arrived on a bright and sunny Friday afternoon too explore the area one weekend at a time.

Our first stop was getting to the top of Twin Peaks. Why? To enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views of course.  I especially loved the windy roads and can’t wait to test my Bimmer out on it. While getting to the top of the peaks is a short hike up, it’s suggested to wear proper walking shoes and bring a light jacket or windbreaker because while we were lucky enough to avoid the chilly winds, it often gets cold up there.

+ Dogs are allowed but make sure they are leashed of course.

+ “Karl” wasn’t around. Karl refers to the misty dreary fog that always overruns the Bay area quite frequently. Nobody likes Karl. If Karl is around, a lot of the scenic stuff that makes San Fran unbelievable is barely visible, making for un-breathtakingly views. Take advantage of sunny clear days – which are quite often around September – November actually.

+ The area does have a public restroom but it’s only two “self-washing toilet facilities” which makes for really a really weird + odd relieving experience so hydrate just enough before you go. I thought I was trapped in a space capsule for a second and worried the door wouldn’t slide open again. I did not want to stand in a slightly urine-oder filled bathroom.

Exploring the Haight-Ashbury district in San Francisco

We slowly meandered our way back down and headed for the Golden Gate Bridge. Since my home base is now considered NorCal, I wasn’t in a huge rush to get the typical view from the bridge but opted for a small wine & cheese picnic along the water for a side view of the surrounding area. All these views made me realize why I’m not keen on leaving California again so soon.

+ Be sure to bring a jacket with you. Mornings and after dusk are chilly and can also get windy. The locals tend to always have an extra jacket or hoodie stashed in their car for moments when it just gets too cold at night.

+ If you drive, turn the wheel towards the curb so if your car does roll down a hill, it rolls to the curb (instead of the street). It’s the law so don’t get ticketed. 🙂

Exploring the Haight-Ashbury district in San Francisco

One of the districts I wanted to explore was the


a district in the city also known as The Haight. It’s an area where the hippie subculture used to dominate and today, it still maintains that vibe however not as strong. If you walk along the streets, there’s an array of funky and independent shops for the oddest + awesome stuff,  clothing stores (vintage and independent boutiques), to head shops for all your smoking needs, as well as gifts and trinkets.

Exploring the Haight-Ashbury district in San Francisco

I found a super funky store to wander in that sold gothic/renaissance era clothing with funky top hats and ornate jewelry as well as other fun stuff like this photo of sage + a box full of different scented incense. I’m curious to see what rasta, opium, and egyptian goddess smell like. 🙂

Another shop I wandered in didn’t allow photos but we’re talking about fetal pigs and frogs preserved in jars, books on witchcraft, a real Ouija board, pictures of dead people from the 1920s, awesome odd jewelry, and empty bottles that used to contain opium and other various drugs of days past.

Exploring the Haight-Ashbury district in San Francisco

Once we needed a break from all the dank skunk greenery fragrance wafting everywhere outside, we walked into a bar named The Alembic. Small with just a bar and a few tables in the back, the ambiance matched the attitude of the area and so did the local craft beer (or two) that I had.

For noms, I had the tasting menu at Prube Chu off Mission St away from The Haight. The  menu came at a reasonable price of $40. It’s Guam cuisine and  the space was tiny (fitting 20 people max) but luckily there was no wait on that particular Friday night. The service was friendly and the staff knew their stuff as they were able to explain the details of each dish – especially since the menu didn’t list the courses on the menu. After imbibing beer for the majority of the day, I was bound to say everything was delicious and…that’d be it.  Exploring The Haight-Ashbury distract in San Francisco