Effective Ways to Channel Your Liberal Frustration (and MAKE SURE TO VOTE!)

Liberal Frustration

You need to vote for things other than the President. Make sure you do that and here are other effective ways for you to channel your liberal frustration.

Make sure you are registered to vote and encourage people in your life to do the same

Contact your Member of the House and tell them to pass VAWA

Even If Kavanaugh Gets Confirmed, We Must Fight For the Violence Against Women Act.

  • Use 5 Calls (takes a minute to load) or text RESIST to 50409 to use resistbot.

Contact your Senators and tell them to protect people with pre-existing conditions

Trump Misleads on Preexisting Conditions

  • Use 5 Calls (takes a minute to load) or text RESIST to 50409 to use resistbot.

I know people are burned out with contacting their Senators right now, but it is an effective strategy. Phone calls saved the ACA last year. It’s just the phone calls don’t work every time. But always be polite to the 22-year-old answering the phone.

Volunteer to campaign for Democratic candidates

Volunteering can make a big impact, particularly if you are in a red or purple area. And there are more of those areas than you think, Manhattan is super liberal, but Staten Island isn’t.

  • Swing Left will suggest a nearby district for you to focus your activism.
  • Flippable is another site that will give you a range of volunteer options.

In another subreddit, someone from the North Dakota DNC put out a call for volunteers for Heidi Heitkamp’s campaign. Heidi Heitkamp is the anti-Susan Collins, she may lose her seat because she refused to vote yes on Kavanaugh.

Volunteer to help elect Democrats. (Also- most campaigns will give you a free lawn sign if you reach out to them directly).

Donate to Democratic candidates who are running in 2018

Heidi Heitkamp may lose her seat over her refusal to vote for Kavanaugh.

Donating to her campaign as a thank you makes way more sense than donating to Susan Collins’s 2020 opponent.

Other “No on Kavanaugh” Senators in a tight 2018 race are: 

There are also some seats the Democrats could reasonably take: (All links go to campaign webpages)

There are also lots of important House races

Dana Rohrabacher (R) and Harley Rouda (D) are in a tight race in Orange County, CA. Which is crazy because Republican party leaders have been caught on tape saying they think Dana Rohrabacher is paid by Russia.

Join an action group

Write letters encouraging people in other districts to vote in November

You need to have access to a printer and stamps to participate. Here’s the link.

Volunteer to be a poll worker

This is generally an all-day job, but you do get paid and you can help decrease voter wait times. Check with your county board of elections to see if they are still hiring.

If you own a car and have a flexible schedule, bookmark carpool vote

They help connect volunteer drivers and people who need a ride to the polls, but the site is currently being updated. Hopefully, it will be working again by election day. Link

Keep your head up

Things might feel dark right now, but keep in mind there is a 73% chance that Democrats will control the House in November. The odds in the Senate are a lot lower at 22% but stranger things have happened.

It’s great to be angry, outraged, and hella pissed off. Take all that liberal frustration and pour it into ACTIONS. Share this post as well!

Thank you to elinordash for putting most of this together!

Comment below or shoot me an email if there’s anything else to add!

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