Eating Amsterdam Tours Review: Twilight De Pijp Tour

Eating Amsterdam Tours Review: Twilight De Pijp Food Tour

If you know me, you know I cannot visit a city without experiencing a food tour of some kind! In Amsterdam, I linked up with Eating Amsterdam Tours to experience and do a review. I decided upon the Twilight De Pijp tour (out of the three offered).


This Eating Amsterdam Tour review is a food walking tour. Unfortunately, it was a chilly evening with a drizzle that would start and stop throughout the entire time. However, I can’t be surprised, this was mid-October! This only made us more excited to quickly walk to get to the next food stop though. Be sure to bring some rain gear & an umbrella in the autumn months!

The Twilight DePijp tour is an evening/night tour in the hip neighborhood of De Pijp – pronounced “the pipe.” De Pijp is a multi-cultural melting pot of a city that’s beeming with people and a buzzing nightlife so I was happy to partake.

First, our group met outside a cute patisserie that looked delightfully warm and cheery from the outside.  I was seriously hoping this would be our first stop. Everybody chit chatted while waiting for the rest of the group and soon enough, we headed into the patisserie. Yay!

eating amsterdam tours review

Stop 1

My Little Patisserie is a true Parisian-style bakery owned by French owner and baker named Audrey. We sampled a lemon tart along with a sweet & creamy filled eclair. OooO. Delicious. I’m not a huge fan of food with lemon but the lemon tart was really good. The eclair was lip smacking fresh and sweet. I can say my sweet tooth was satisfied here.

Everything here is baked daily with the freshest ingredients and I wish we could’ve stopped here at the end of the tour!

eating amsterdam tours review
eating amsterdam tours review

Stop 2

An Indonesian restaurant called Sari Citra was our second stop. Locals seem to be big fans of this mom & pop restaurant.  They brought out multiple dishes of beef and chicken with rice, bread, and tons of veggies so this “tasting” was really like a small dinner.

The spice level can range from mild to hot so be careful if you’re not into the more spicy dishes. Every dish is served family-style because it’s an Asian restaurant. This allowed the tour members to get to know each other a bit more too! Remember, you have four more spots after this so don’t fill up!

eating amsterdam tours review

Stop 3

Our third stop was at a place called Olive & Cookie. Olive and Cookie is a mainly vegetarian place with dishes to DIE for. We sampled polenta and while that sounds plain & boring, it was most definitely not. I loved the roasted red peppers with melted cheese on top…omgoodness. This dish was filling and a solid A+.

The founder and owner also gave us a small slice of dark chocolate cake. The chocolate cake was really divine and not too sweet at all. I definitely appreciated tasting something savory AND sweet. It was super generous of the owner, who’s incredibly sweet and eagerly described her dishes to us in great detail.

eating amsterdam tours review

Stop 4

A small Turkish shop filled with goodies and food ingredients from Turkey was our fourth stop. Here, we got to sample a shot of Raki – a Turkish unsweetened anise-flavored alcoholic “drink.” Not my favorite since I’m more of a beer & wine girl but it was fun to taste nonetheless!

We also got to try some dolma (stuffed vegetables), kuskus (Turkish version of couscous) and hummus with some olive oil. I wish they had served us some Turkish bread as it would’ve made this tasting a lot better with the kuskus and hummus instead of just straight tasting it.

eating amsterdam tours review

Stop 5

Belgian french fries was our fifth stop! I love french fries and couldn’t wait to try this in the Northern Belgian style. However, I felt quite stuffed by this time. We entered Cafe Par Hasard and enjoyed a glass of wine or beer after being seated along a row of dark stools.

After 10-15 minutes, a cone of piping hot fresh-cut french fries was individually served to each of us. It looked delicious. There was melted cheese, chili and garlic onions drizzled on top of the french fries. The fries were super savory and heavy – I’m betting it’s really good after a late night of drinking! 😉

eating amsterdam tours review

Stop 6

Brouwerij Troost, a late night beer joint was our sixth and final stop. The bar was full of people and boisterous energy. Of course, we had typical Amsterdam beer food like bitterballen (fried dough balls with gooey hot meat gravy filling)!

I appreciated the numerous selection of beers with our lovely guide giving me detailed tips on what to get depending on my taste and what I was looking for. The atmosphere in this place is loud, vibrant, and full of people so if you’re an older person or couple (like most on the tour with me) or someone who isn’t into drinking, this place may not the best way to end the night.

Overall, it was a lovely & enjoyable Eating Amsterdam food tour review. By the end, I could not eat anymore AT ALL.

Eating Amsterdam Tours also has food tours in other cities such as Rome, London, and Prague. Be sure not to miss out if you’re ever in those places. I know the next time I visit Amsterdam, I will have to do another food tour with them!


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+ Many thanks to Eating Amsterdam Food Tours for hosting this food lover experience in Amsterdam. As always, no fakin’ in the makin’ – all thoughts and opinions are mine.