Where Generic Dreams is going

Advocating for Planned Parenthood

Over the years, this blog has been my personal outlet and digital journal where I showcased the latest happenings in my life and adventures – some even included my foodie obsession for awhile. (Does anybody remember that that cupcake craze in Washington DC?) Over the years, it evolved into a travel and digital nomad blog […]

Love & Gratitude 2019

New Zealand - Wanaka

A few years ago, I started a weekly column called Love & Gratitude where I listed a few things I was particularly grateful for that week. It could be big, small, and just about anything I was appreciative about in life. It was a post to encourage positivism, lightness, and above all – gratitude for […]

The Top List of Holiday Gifts that Give Back

If you’re a big gift giver, these gifts may do more than just please the giftee. This is the ultimate list of gifts that keep on giving – for a good cause. Everlane’s 100% Human Collection.  If you buy a t-shirt, tank, or hoodie, $5 from the purchase of each product will go to the […]

If you travel you need to learn how to spot human trafficking

how to spot human trafficking

Human trafficking is modern-day slavery As a traveler, we’re observers and generally people watchers. It’s also imperative (almost your duty) as a traveler, to learn how to spot human trafficking. Human trafficking is largely a hidden crime and it is happening EVERYWHERE. In small towns, in large cities, in developed and less developed countries. In […]

Ultimate Guide to Solo Travel as an Introvert

  I love solo travel as an introvert because I enjoy my own company and solitude. While I enjoy socializing with people, I love to explore a country on my own and at my own pace. There are things I can discover, see, do, and eat without worrying about how someone else feels about it. […]