Catch me if you can

catch me if you can

Just to give myself peace of mind with my travels, I need to always be planning a couple of months in advance.

Without further ado – here is my nomadic living schedule for the next 6-7 months.

If you are from anywhere that I will be visiting or just a fellow traveler at the same place at the same time, do let me know! Let’s get together and grab a beer or two.  🙂

+ October 5th: Flying out to NorCal! I will be staying in Sacramento + San Francisco for the rest of the year.

+ October 23-26th: Jetting off to Brooklyn, NY to attend the Write Yourself Into Motion writing workshop by the fabulous copywriter Alexandra Franzen. Know the ins & outs of funky + hipster Brooklyn? E-mail me tips or leave a comment below.

+November 27th – December 1st: Leaving to Lisbon, Portugal on Thanksgiving because nobody else celebrates the holiday but the good ole’ USA. Can’t wait to sip wine while clambering the seven hills.

+December 1st-7th: Setting off to Spain. I will be in Barcelona + Madrid with my gal pal – Michelle. Nothin’ better than a girls trip sometimes!

+Christmas with the fambam!

catch me if you can

January – March: will be spent with 8 weeks in Thailand. The time will be split between northern Thailand, an island (or two), and Bangkok. I am pretty excited to go back. Two weeks there last year wasn’t enough!

+March – mid April:  six weeks in HAWAII. Aloha!

+ April 17th – 24th: The Galapagos Islands with my travel + adventure buddy Linda. Since you cannot visit the islands on your own, we will be doing a group tour. We chose Galapagos Island on a shoestring with GAdventures. If you’re up for some camping and roughing it a bit, feel free to join us. 😀

+ May and onward….I have no clue. Any suggestions? Bali perhaps? Somewhere in Europe?


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  • Wow, you really have got a busy and exciting schedule lined up! Can’t wait to read all about the places you’ll be going 🙂

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