Budapest: St. Stephen’s Basilica


About 50 meters from my flat was St. Stephen’s Basilica. AWESOME. At night, the front was transformed into a mini ice rink for the children. All around that were Christmas market stalls. They were playing Christmas music along with American top 40 (listening to Justin Bieber was a little funny in front of a basilica). The day after Christmas, there was even a circle of people dancing to The Hora!! It was pretty fucking cool.


This is the markets all closed up and shut down in the early mornings!


One of the inside arches of the basilica. I made sure to see the entire place – including the stained glass windows and St. Stephen’s…mummified hand. Yea. Hand.




Why can’t churches look like this in America? I would be so fascinated for the entire hour that I wouldn’t mind sitting through Mass. haha.



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