Drinking at Szimpla Kert – a ruin pub in Budapest


 While exploring the Jewish District with a local girl/guide from Hungary, she decided to take me to one of Budapest’s famous pubs. Along the way, I saw a lot of interesting + cool graffiti and Jewish  synagogues.

+ Not just a “pub” but a ruin pub with the name Szimpla Kert (Simple Garden). Szimpla Kert is the pioneer of ruin pubs and is really a cult place giving new trends.

Undoubtedly the best known ruin pub among the locals and the tourists, as well. It was a ruined apartment/flat building that was destined to be demolished but since it took some time, some people decided to make it a hole in the wall dive bar but…so much more! There’s no rules on how to make a ruin pub except the more funky, eclectic, and different or retro as possible.


The entrance way on the left but you see this when you walk in


I used the flash in this room since it was so funky that  I wanted to see it with the lights on.

Drinks in Hungary are actually very affordable – especially since they are not part of the EU and still use the Hungarian florin as currency.

That's what the room looks like without the lights

What the room looked like without the lights. Really cool dark & futuristic but chill vibe.



The upstairs – you can see where the old flats/apartments use to be with an inner courtyard looking down to the ground floor. Now it’s filled with plants





A blurry picture of me…ugh.

I went to the pub right around it was starting to open so there wasn’t anybody yet. I ended up leaving to explore the surrounding areas and came back to the place and it was packed! Lots of locals and tourists alike so it didn’t feel like a tourist trap at all.

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