Travel Review: Staying at the Belize Jungle Dome

belize jungle dome

Belize Jungle Dome

A European couple (Andy and Simon) own the Belize Jungle Dome, a 5 bedroom eco-lodge. Their two young sons, and two dogs, and an amazing staff of just eight also help to run and manage the eco-lodge.

I originally found the Belize jungle dome website when I was about 18 after I picked up a book called “50 places for a girl to travel solo.” Belize was on the list and this lodge was specifically recommended. For this particular trip, I wanted sun & sand as well as adventure and Belize proved to be the perfect country.

The Belize Jungle Dome is located inland aka the jungle called the Cayo district about 4 miles outside of Belmopan which is the capital of Belize (a very small capital).

belize jungle dome


David – a rail-thin tanned guy from El Salvador, quickly greeted us. David has been living in Belize for years and speaks English with a British accent (learned English from a British family!). Since the actual owners were gone on vacation during our stay, he was basically the main keeper of the grounds and our main companion at the jungle dome.

During our last days, he took us to Belmopan with him to run errands and explore the city. We explored the local markets, shops, saw the University of Belize, government buildings, as well as his house! It was insightful to see how the local Belizeans live and the places they frequently go to. Our other main escort/driver/guide was Mynor who picked us up from the airport, took us to a nice local Belizean lunch and to the Belize zoo the day before. It is a must-do if you arrive in time!

belize jungle dome


Our lodging was a large room on the second floor with a balcony overlooking the pool and clean-cut landscaping. The grounds are colorful and well-kept. There are tons of flowers and trees that grow bananas and coconuts! It definitely gives you that homely vibe except at night, you can hear the howler monkeys having a screaming match with other monkey tribes.

The room consisted of a tiled bathroom, a small living space with a futon for a sofa, a small TV with all the basic channels, and a queen-sized bed. It was nice to have an action-packed adventure and then relax back at your lodging with all the modern comforts of hot water and air conditioning. As I said before, the jungle dome is kept lively. The Belize Jungle Dome is active with two friendly dogs. There is a huge German Shepard named Luke who was about 80-90 lbs and a mixed mutt rescue named Rocky.

belize jungle dome

Guess what else they had?! CHICKENS!!!! They had about 15 hens and a rooster in the backyard. This guaranteed fresh eggs every morning along with fresh fruit! Along with the pool, there was also a tiny bar room where you could relax on stools and have a local Belizean beer or mixed drinks.

belize jungle dome

belize jungle dome

belize jungle dome

belize jungle dome

Practical Information:

Lodge Bookings / Inquiries:
501 (Belize Country Code) Tel : 822-2124 , Fax : 822-2155
Mile 47, Western Highway- Banana Bank
Belmopan, Cayo District Belize
GPS Co-Ordinates : 17�17’22″N – 88�47’24W

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