Caye Caulker is calling you

belize caye caulker

After a week in the jungle, we made it out to the smaller of Belize’s islands – Caye Caulker (pronouced kee-caulker). We rented out a studio apartment with our own private pool. I loved it. Here I am relaxing with my feet in the pool reading on my kindle. Every few days, a local pool boy would come to check up on the pool conditions and clean out anything that fell into the pool.

The island is tiny and pretty sleepy quiet although we’ve heard it can get pretty rowdy during high season with the backpackers that come about.

The first day, I got my hair done in corn rows which only took 20 minutes and it was cheap – $20. It was a fun look and got the Caribbean style going.

belize caye caulker

Just walking along the beach side – it’s not really swim-friendly except for one side of the island called The Split. We ended up renting bicycles for the duration of our stay and rode around town to/from our place with ease. This island was definitely more peaceful, quiet, and had the chill backpacker vibe going on. We walked along the beach and had fresh lobster tail grilled right there beach side for only $6 USD!!

belize caye caulker

belize caye caulker

I look like I’m advertising Belekin Beer. 🙂 If you go to another country, I always recommend trying their local beer. If it’s not good, it’s always a little cheaper than imported beer anyway. This is just a moment before the sun is gone. Caye Caulker is great for divers and snorkeling. If you want to see the Great Blue Hole, you have to have your diving license. The hole isn’t as fun for snorkeling though.

+ BUG SPRAY is a must. I didn’t put it on one night and got EATEN ALIVE even with all the windows and doors shut. I was itching + scratching all night with bruised bites all over my back and legs. I don’t think the locals had any problems with mosquitoes so maybe it’s a tourist/visitor problem.

belize caye caulker

Having fun at our pool in the privacy of our apartment.

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