Caracol Ruins – last but not least

belize caracol ruins

Caracol Ruins – last but not least!

The Caracol ruins were the last ruins we visited but not in the least bit disappointing.

+ The site is currently being restored (or at least part of it) to showcase what these buildings and cities looked like before. I loved Belize at this point with all the history + culture that I was just beginning to learn about. It is the largest Mayan ruins in Belize.

I remembered — this is why I travel. It’s not about the glitz or glamour + flying first class or checking off a list of places I’ve been.

+It’s about experiencing a place rich with culture +  history and realizing the magnitude of change in the world throughout history and how it is  STILL changing now.

belize caracol ruins

So much green. I loved seeing my favorite color be the dominant color in this country.

History Lesson: The site was one of the most important regional political centers of the Maya Lowlands during the Classic Period. It is larger than the area that Belize City is now and supported more than twice the population. There were many wars with the people from Tikal in Guatemala and Caracol was victorious eventually leaving Tikal abandoned. THEN Caracol was also abandoned. womp womp.

The complex covers 30-square miles of thick, high-canopy jungle, and includes five plazas, an astronomic observatory and over 35,000 buildings which have been identified. The tallest of them is a massive pyramid which is capped by three temples and rises over 140 feet above the jungle floor.

belize caracol ruins

Loving the many doorways/entrances at this particular ruins. I had a grand time making my “grand entrance.” How did people live in stone walled cities? Rivers or irrigation had to be created to save any rain water…

+ The main pyramid at Caracol is called Caana or “Sky Palace.” At 136 feet high it is the tallest Mayan building in Belize and the tallest man-made structure in the country. Caana contains four palaces and three temples. The palace rooms were originally coated with white stucco and decorated with red paint!

belize caracol ruins

Park Information:
+ The site is open daily from 8am to 4pm; admission is BZ$15, less than US$10. Tours do operate and it can be arranged at your hostel or hotel for about $85. I definitely recommend a tour guide! You will get much more insight into the Mayan history and current Belizean culture as well.

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