How to Attend a Baseball Game in South Korea (Seoul)

attending a baseball game in south korea (seoul)

PJ and I went to a baseball game in South Korea the first time we traveled together. I’m a big fan of baseball (Go Washington Nationals!) and PJ is into the Boston Red Sox. Since both of us are into baseball, we made it a priority to attend a baseball game in South Korea (Seoul).

Baseball is a relatively new thing to the country, but like many things, the Koreans have embraced the sport, put their own spin on things, and it is awesome.

attending a baseball game in seoul south korea

Even if you’re not a baseball or sports fan, you can still go and have a great experience. There’s delicious food, fun music blaring (lots of pop songs and k-pop!), great entertainment, delicious food, and the atmosphere of being around 30,000 other fans cheering, singing, and having an amazing time.

How to attend a baseball game in South Korea (or really Seoul).

Check the schedules:

You can check out the latest baseball schedule here. We went to the Jamsil stadium where there are a few home teams.attending a baseball game in seoul south korea


Jamsil Stadium is right in Gangnam, where you can cheer on one of Seoul’s three hometown teams: the Doosan Bears, the LG Twins, and the Nexen Heroes. We cheered for the Doosan Bears and even stopped by the gear store to get some hats!

Getting to Jamsil Stadium:

Address: Jamsil 1-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Directions: Walk for about 50m from Sports Complex Subway Station. (Line No. 2, Stn 218, Exit 7)

There are 10 teams in the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) and people generally choose teams according to their hometown. If you’re an out-of-towner, feel free to do some research and pick a team that’s exciting to you.

If you’re traveling outside of Seoul, you can also check out Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan. It’s home to the Lotte Giants since 1985 and considered one of the greats in Korean Baseball.


Ticket prices vary from 4,000 to 70,000 won depending on the team, day, age, and seat location.

There are a few different ways to purchase tickets. If you can read Korean, you can purchase tickets online (extremely difficult!), or download the app on your phone and buy tickets on there. If you have a Korean friend that can translate and purchase the tickets for you on the app, that’s also another idea.

However, there’s the option of buying tickets right before the game! Yes, it’s hard in the USA to do that but in Korea, there are always tickets available and for cheap, especially if you go earlier.

Best advice: Get to the stadium 45-60 minutes before the game and it’s very likely you can get tickets at the box office (Line 2, Exit 5). At least the cheaper green tickets in the outfield (7,000-8,000 won). If you want to splurge and get better seats, go for the red ones at the field level (10,000-13,000 won). Those have the best views of the field, the mascot, and the dancing cheerleaders.

Check the Weather:

Check the weather before you come! If it calls for rain, bring your raincoats or ponchos, although some South Koreans like to bring umbrellas too.


Food at the stadium is awesome. Do NOT miss out on any food. You can also BRING food into the stadium. I saw family-sized potato chip bags, take out, etc. Get the pizza if you can. Sure, there’s pizza in South Korea like in the US but in Korea, they go crazy with the different toppings.

Chicken & Beer: aka Chimaek. This is the Korean lingo for eating fried chicken (that’s where the chi comes from) and drinking beer, or maekju together! Grab a tub of KFC or go to an authentic Korean fried chicken stand and grab a bucket with a case of Cass or Lite beer and you’re ready to go.

Snacks are seriously available at every store around the stadium. Prices are NOT high like in the case of the US where $10 beers and $25 hotdogs are the norm. Grab some shrimp chips, ramyan, kimbap, and you’re ready to go.

What to do:

CHEER. Get into the baseball game in South Korea. Seriously – you’ll be out of place if you’re just sitting there glum-faced the entire time. South Koreans put the wave to shame at baseball games. They use noisemakers and sing along with the dancing cheerleaders. The cheerleaders are cute and fun and try to get everybody into the game. People are drinking while watching the game and taking photos too.

attending a baseball game in south korea

BUY BEER. You must buy beer at a baseball game!

BUY SOUVENIRS. If you’re going to a baseball game in Seoul, you need to get some souvenirs. I got a black Doosan bears hat. They are around $30USD if I remember correctly.

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Have you gone to a baseball game in South Korea (Seoul? Busan?)? Let me know!

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