Four ways to find luxury hotels for less!

find luxury hotels for less

I am not exactly a 5 star lifestyle traveler jet-setting around the world nor do I travel on a backpacker’s budget.

When I travel, I can rough it if necessary but if there’s a city or place where I can enjoy the modern day comforts and not pay an arm and leg, I’m all game. With that said, here are some of my favorite reputable websites to find steals and deals on how to find comfortable + luxury hotels for less or on the cheap.

1. usually has deals for the big cities in the US and vacation destinations all over the world. The hotels and resorts listed are usually pretty darn luxurious and expensive so while you’re still getting a discount, realize that its from $550 a night to $330 a night which is still a lot for most people but might be worth it for such a nice splurge. You can definitely find stays for $13o-140 a night when it is normally $225-250 a night.

I also trust the reviews from Jetsetter and they do not list hotels that are not top-notch in quality, service and comfort.

2.  offers 5-star luxury vacations and unique packages at discounted rates and auctions where people can bid on them!. Their packages usually include extras like breakfast, transfers, and spa treatments + more. They also have 1-2 “mystery” auctions per month where they list a hotel package but do not disclose the exact hotel – just the location (city,country). It is easier to find luxury hotels for less – by a lot on here.

3. Where you can take a gamble and pick what location and number of star hotels you like and THEY pick for you. I personally am not a gambling woman with lodgings but this has worked well for a few of my friends. One time it did not work out and we had a pretty ratty old hotel in Athens. Luckily, we found a better one (pictured above) on

4. I LOVE airbnb. They have some amazing properties for short-term rentals (a tree house, castles, etc) but they also have funky & eclectic + beautifully decorated apartments and homes with  usually very discounted rates than hotels in the area. I’ve used airbnb a handful of times and it doesn’t disappoint. Be sure to read the reviews and verify if the pictures are verified. As always, there’s always a risk staying at a hotel/apartment you’ve never seen or been at before.

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