2941: celebrating the 28th birthday

28th birthday celebration at 2941 restaurant

+ My sun sign is a TAURUS so of course…I had to celebrate my 28th birthday with good wine, food + my fabulous friends.

Earlier in the day – I celebrated with my friend Linda by having afternoon tea@The Ritz Carlton. We got to the restaurant an hour early to enjoy cocktail hour while each of the girls slowly trotted in…bearing GIFTS! Something I did not expect at all. 🙂

2941 restaurant: personal birthday touch

+ A personal touch: 2941 had the menu printed with a customized header +  my name. 🙂 Awww. Points to 2941!

I had a few glasses of chardonnay (what else?) and was honestly too excited spending time with my girl friends to really pay attention to my food. Lots of girl talk + laughter. Linda was my personal photographer for the time (so awesome of her). She captured many of the smiles+ laughing moments as well as the opening of presents. celebrating birthday at 2941

For dinner I ordered:
+ Appetizer: Oysters | on the half shell with lemon and house-made cocktail sauce
+ Entree: Smoked Burrata Ravioli | escarole, spicy duck, arbequina olive oil
+ Dessert: Tangerine Pavlova | crispy meringue, vanilla chiffon, tangerine cream, coconut mousse, thyme

My favorite had to be the dessert – of course. I am a dessert person but the typical cake + ice cream doesn’t always do it for me. I love creative sweets like the one here because it looks simple but it isn’t. The dessert was fresh, light + sweet but not overly so. Tasted like spring with the tangerine cream.

Having steak at 2941
Mimi eyeing that huge steak of hers
Veronica and Amy at 2941 restaurant
Veronica and me
Michelle at 2941 restaurant
MIchelle looking cute as a button!

+ Michelle and I will be traveling to Europe together this fall/winter. I will be heading to Lisbon for a few days and we are meeting up in SPAIN together! We are flying into Barcelona and thinking about doing Madrid or Seville.

Any personal recommendations or tips from my fellow reading travelers? Let me know!

2941 restaurant in vienna, va
Lovely Linda getting ready to chow down
2941 restaurant in vienna, virginia
Kimmie always looking so sweet + adorable

Celebrating my 28th birthday at 2941 Restaurant

Above is my delicious dessert (the white + orange dish)…waiting for me to devour it. The cute birthday platter was also a nice extra to note!

The candle is in a giant candied marshmallow and as I was holding the plate up for pictures…the marshmallow spectacularly rolled down the plate and landed on the table with a slight plop. I didn’t even notice until Michelle cried, “where did the marshmallow go?!” She must have been the only one not buzzing.

+ GIFTS: were ALL so incredibly thoughtful + heartwarming. Each gift really had my passions + interest or style. Something I would get or love for myself. 🙂 My friends know how to make a gal feel special.

Here’s to another wonderful year of being 28. Cheers!

2941 restaurant in vienna, va
Group picture!

Practical Information:
2941 Restaurant
(703) 270-1500
2941 Fairview Park Drive,
Falls Church, VA 22042

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