Where are you planning to travel in 2017?

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With the new year starting, I’m expecting many of you have exciting travel plans for 2017. Here are some of my travel plans this year:

The Philippines

PJ and I are heading to the Philippines in February. I am especially stoked because this is my first trip to the PI. We will be in Manila because PJ has some family there to visit. Then we also have plans to visit Bohol and El Nido (Palawan). I’m excited for Bohol with the lush green jungles, the infamous chocolate hills, and tarsiers. Palawan is a must-do because it used to be a gorgeous hidden gem but now it’s growing with more tourists every day. I’m eager to visit before it gets commercialized – it might even be too late for that, though!


With my own family in California and a friend’s wedding, I will be making it out to NorCal again. I’ll be focused on going to Sacramento, San Francisco, and Yosemite. I cannot wait to see my family and wish they could come visit me in Hawaii but my mother’s Alzheimer’s makes it difficult to travel. People with Alzheimer’s tend to fare best with a daily routine and feel very out of place if removed from familiar surroundings. We have plans to visit Yosemite for the first time as well. I know, it’s where I was born and I’ve never even been there. It’s pretty sad.

Utah – a road trip

After spending some time in Arizona last year, I fell in love with the southwest and have a desire to explore more of it. We have plans to have a road trip through Utah. My original goal was to do the mighty 5 but that involved rushing around too much so I’m focusing on just four of Utah’s five national parks along with a short time in Page, AZ.

Potential Travel

Of course, plans may change and here are some destinations I may travel to this year.


My friend Juliana is having her bachelorette party at Coachella this year. I really want to go but with other work/life restrictions, these plans are tentative.


For 2016 I made it to Maui, Kauai (twice), the Big Island, and Molokai. There’s a chance I may get bored and need to leave Oahu so I’m guessing I’ll try to make it to Maui or the Big Island again as well as Lanai even.

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