2014, What ya got for me?


Chuc Mung Nam Moi!!! Happy New Year!!!

2014 has been here for a whole month but I also celebrate Vietnamese/Chinese New Year.  So “TWO”  fresh starts to the year?!?! YUP. 🙂

2013 was all about: reflection + writing & staying sane. I suppose my goals for 2014 are the same as everybody else’s and every other year right?

// Self-improvement + More self-love + Finding eternal peace & happiness from within and all + Chasing your passion…blah blah blah

Hippy dippy spiritual bullshit aside, I feel better when I have goals to try out + accomplish. So I cleaned my entire apartment AND sat my happy butt down to write this post on what’s “planned” for 2014.


1. Be more creative

Growing up in an Asian household means ZERO tolerance  for creativity including but not limited to:

anything art-related (painting, drawing, writing, sculpting) +  fashion + dancing + music (only classical piano or violin!) + anything related to history + psychology/sociology/anthropology because….who the fuq cares?! ONLY MAKE MONEY THEY SAY!!! Because money is apparently the only thing that truly matters. Right.

Now as an adult, I work in a pretty technical field. The amount of creativity? Also a big fat ZERO.

// Goal: More work & effort on expressing my creativity with writing, blogging, maybe music making, color-by-numbers and knitting or something…like that. I’ll take suggestions in the comments.

2. Visit more countries 

This one is easy since I’m already going to Prague (Czech Republic) and Brussels (Belgium) in May and Israel  (holy a city!) in September. Three isn’t so bad but I want to sneak in more…just one more. Please?!?! Maybe another week in Peru? or a quick Caribbean weekend getaway like Turks & Caicos? Or somewhere in the Virgin Islands?  Wanna go with me?

tumblr_ms0mblGIBm1rrfowao1_5003. Early to bed = Early to Rise

A natural night owl + occasional bouts of insomnia, at the ripe age of 27, I’ve finally started to need 8+ hours of sleep a night to feel healthy, (not so) wealthy, and (hopefully) wise.

Aiming to get into and STAY into a fixed routine, I am armed with: bottle of melatonin, meditation techniques, yoga & stretching before bed, journaling, and hot showers. Sometimes the occasional glass (or two) of wine helps….heh heh. ZzZzzzZ here I come.


4. Be even more daring

It’s funny – tell me to jump off a bridge or out of a perfectly good airplane and I’ll do it with no hesitation.

Tell me to admit to a guy that I really like him and…I’d rather go jump off that same bridge without a parachute.

// Be more daring this year = opening up my heart and being less reserved with it. Letting people see the real Amy isn’t always so scary. It’s actually oh-so-awesome and fabulous. Just do it.

5. Gratitude

// Remembering to appreciate + being thankful for my family, true-blue friends, and loved ones. They seriously love me and support me despite my flaws, imperfections, quirks, and all-around weirdness.

I also tend to forget to show gratitude for all the other awesome + fabulous blessings in my life. Whatever rough and tough situation that I’ve fallen in, it could always be worse and for that, I am totally and utterly grateful.

+ Life isn’t an adventure without ups AND downs. 😉


Finally, I wanted to take a moment to say thanks to all of you for reading my random babbling and following this blog. Sharing my life here is allowing me to create my own story – to become the person I want to be. So thank you for your support – whether that’s with sweet comments, sending me a quick e-mail, or simply enjoying what I write and sending good vibes. I appreciate you!

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