Working at SunDesk in Taghazout, Morocco

Making magic and working at SunDesk in Taghazout, Morocco

SunDesk in Taghazout in Morocco For almost a month, I was living and working at SunDesk in Taghazout in Morocco. While Morocco is an “open Muslim” country, you still can’t purchase alcohol in small villages and towns. Taghazout is a dry village so when you’re leaving the airport at Agadir, make a pit stop and stock up! […]

Why I won’t get bored of travel

Why I won't get bored of travel

“Won’t you get bored of travel?” is one of the top questions most people ask frequent travelers and anybody with a strong sense of wanderlust. I used to be a little afraid of that. Getting bored or finding that travel no longer stimulated my senses like it used to. I was always a little worried […]

Stay in Barcelona in style with AirBnB

Stay in Barcelona in style with AirBnB

When my friend, Michelle wanted to go with me to Spain (Barcelona & Madrid), I knew I wanted to stay in Barcelona in style with AirBnB. After doing a little search on AirBnB’s website, I found this beautiful apartment to stay at. It’s a spacious & modern two-bedroom/1 bathroom right in the middle of Sagrada Familia. Prior […]

Wine Tasting at Grgich Hills Estate Winery

Wine Tasting at the Grgich Hills Estate Winery

While abroad the Wine Train in Napa Valley, my sister and I decided to disembark to enjoy a wine tasting & tour since a few were along the tracks and were able to stop for passengers. We chose the wine tasting at Grgich Hills Estate Winery for none other than the history background of this fine winery. As you […]

Riding the Napa Valley Wine Train

As soon as my bags landed in Northern California, I knew I had to give Napa Valley wine country a visit. Being a bit of a self-indulgent whino, it would be blasphemous not to. Even better than just taking a drive and enjoying the scenic views to the area, I was also partaking in a […]

Vietnam: Mekong Delta

While in Saigon, I scheduled a tour to visit the Mekong Delta for a day. I wish I had the time to trek up to Sapa but alas, just this day trip will suffice. I booked it on for a very reasonable price. They picked me up early with a loud-mouthed sarcastic Vietnamese local […]

Vietnam: Hoi An

Hoi An is a quaint charming town filled with small streets perfect to stroll or enjoy a tuk-tuk ride around to see the sights. Don’t hestitate to get a tuk-tuk ride but wear your bag around your shoulders! Do not just let is sit on your side or it will get yanked by thieves in […]

Vietnam: Halong Bay

Halong Bay…. clear blue skies and a gentle calm breeze. I couldn’t have asked for a better day to sail out here! The junk boat used to be white and looked like it had seen better days.  The words “BIEN NGOC CRUISER” in fire red were placed across the entire side of it topped with […]

Vietnam: Hanoi

Hotel: Sofitel Hanoi I arrived in Hanoi around midnight so there was no time for sight seeing. After a quick steaming shower, I was off to bed for the next day. Unsurprisingly, it was got hot and humid early but I had a list of sites to see: Literature Temple, One-Pillar pagoda,  the Quán Thánh Temple, Hoan […]