Where are you planning to travel in 2017?

2017 travel plans generic dreams

With the new year starting, I’m expecting many of you have exciting travel plans for 2017. Here are some of my travel plans this year: The Philippines PJ and I are heading to the Philippines in February. I am especially stoked because this is my first trip to the PI. We will be in Manila because […]

Why I won’t travel with a boyfriend again

why i will never travel with a boyfriend again

Wanna know why I won’t travel with a boyfriend again? Ok, maybe “never” is a bit too strong of a word but  I made the mistake of  traveling. With a boyfriend. A PHOTOGRAPHER boyfriend. We’ll call him Mr. Fantastic.  + Mr. Fantastic and I were together for  about 2 – 2.5 years. Of course we traveled together. […]

Five things I hate about traveling

There’s a million awesome + amazing things about travel and people can ramble on about the perks & benefits of exploring the world. What about the flip side? What are the downsides of traveling? Here are five things I hate about traveling 1. Security/Customs and long lines: Nobody likes long lines. Nobody. I hate having […]

Travel is not about bragging rights

+ Travel is NOT about bragging rights or just checking things off your bucket list! + Travel is about experiencing the new & facing the unknown. The world is huge so it is vital to get even a teeny tiny glimpse of it. Travel is not about running away or escaping  — because wherever you go, […]

Why Travel?

A question that I get asked quite frequently is why do I travel? Or like to travel? I guess “travel” is a word that can be used for long-term travelers like backpackers, nomads, or really wealthy people who can fly around the world in their private jet so let’s say visiting new countries and places. Why […]