What no one told me about becoming a digital nomad

What no one told me about becoming a digital nomad

By Travis Bennett, Nomad Stack (http://www.nomadstack.com) The digital nomad lifestyle is all rather exciting. You just need your laptop and an internet connection and you can work from anywhere in the world. It’s no wonder there’s more and more people taking the leap themselves. Grabbing street food lunches in Ho Chi Minh. Pulling an all-nighter […]

Generic Dreams updates


Some updates on Generic Dreams and my life… I’ve got a confession to make. I’ve finally got a home. Yes, a place that I’m staying at – for awhile. That place is….Hawaii! Why Hawaii? During my nomadic journey, I always thought about where I’d end up or what place would be somewhere that I’d want […]

Greetings 2016!

the first step is the hardest

In the blink of an eye, 2015 is over. I feel like it was only yesterday that I was spending Christmas and New Years 2015 in California. I feel like I have so much planned & nothing planned for 2016. There’s a lot of personal goals and plans for adventures but nothing set in stone. […]

Why I won’t get bored of travel

Why I won't get bored of travel

“Won’t you get bored of travel?” is one of the top questions most people ask frequent travelers and anybody with a strong sense of wanderlust. I used to be a little afraid of that. Getting bored or finding that travel no longer stimulated my senses like it used to. I was always a little worried […]

Sharing a comfortable silence

sharing a comfortable silence

Usually when people talk about connecting with someone, it’s through conversation. You talk, they respond. It goes back and forth like a game of ping pong for awhile. Deep + intimate conversations are cool. They work. But sometimes, it’s also silence. When you are comfortable enough with someone to just – Shut. The. Fuck. Up. […]

Why hello there 2015!

2015 - what do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

2015! For the first time, I am away from “home” on the East coast and celebrating the new year in sunny California with family. Looking back on 2014, it was much better (easier) than 2013. Wasting no time, in the second day of the new year, I am flying out and living in Thailand for a […]

Why you should follow your personal legend

follow your personal legend

What happens when you follow your personal legend? When you go after what you want? You get it. Dun dun dun…. I resigned from my IT consulting position and quit climbing the corporate ladder. I am an independent contractor and my current ongoing project allows me to work + travel — ultimately being location-independent! Guess the current […]

End of Friends – a break up of sorts

+ So…I’m not sure what’s going on but life has been…stale. Maybe it’s because of the zonky full moon this week + Friday the 13th and Mercury Retrograde. I’ve definitely been feeling off-balance. A little anti-social and self-isolating. I binged watched Orange is the New Black but who hasn’t? I reflected the past few weeks about my […]

Why lifelong learning rocks

My motto: EVOLVE or EVAPORATE.  \\ Those are your two options to surviving + making it today. Either you evolve + grow OR you are outgrown + rendered obsolete. Extinct. I’m a BIG fan of lifelong learning + self-improvement. Whether it is in the traditional sense of finishing school, reading books to quench your thirst […]

30 things you don’t know about me

After visiting fellow blogger babe MizzJ @ http://justj.ca/, I was inspired to do a 30 random things (that you don’t know about me) post because well…the topic is (sorta) easy breezy AND I figured my readers can get to know me a little more. *winks* I remember a few years ago, it was 25 random things […]

Love & Gratitude: 3/27

Every Friday…..end the week with things I love + like + appreciate. My friend: Allan S. He would be mad if I posted a picture of him on the internet since he’s super private. 😛 We were co-workers in the early days of my consulting career and on the same team + project for a […]

Mercury Retrograde: stay stuck & you’re fuqed

Mercury Retrograde is coming up! If you have any interest in astrology and the way our mystical planets work, then you know that Mercury Retrograde comes about 3x a year and it is when the planet appears to slows down, and appears to stop (station) and move backward (retrograde). It’s an optical illusion, since there is […]

2014, What ya got for me?

Chuc Mung Nam Moi!!! Happy New Year!!! 2014 has been here for a whole month but I also celebrate Vietnamese/Chinese New Year.  So “TWO”  fresh starts to the year?!?! YUP. 🙂 2013 was all about: reflection + writing & staying sane. I suppose my goals for 2014 are the same as everybody else’s and every other […]

2013 in retrospect

Oh 2013. You rocked me. 2013 seriously kicked my ass and gave me a run for my money. My personal life was an uphill battle and I didn’t escape unscathed. I’m bruised + bled & scarred but not (totally) broken. There were times when I felt like the world just pulled the rug out from […]