Where are you planning to travel in 2017?

2017 travel plans generic dreams

With the new year starting, I’m expecting many of you have exciting travel plans for 2017. Here are some of my travel plans this year: The Philippines PJ and I are heading to the Philippines in February. I am especially stoked because this is my first trip to the PI. We will be in Manila because […]

Farewell 2016, it’s been great….

generic dreams digital nomad

What a year. 2016. It’s been another crazy & busy year – filled with adventures, misadventures, ups & downs. Many events this year rocked the world. I’m a bit glad I wasn’t the only one feeling like I live on a roller coaster. To summarize 2016: Places I’ve lived or visited in 2016:  + California […]

2014 in retrospect

2014 in retrospect - malta

2014 is coming to a close and while the first half of my year was relatively quiet and unassuming. I focused on my blog & trying to balance the life I was living with the life I wanted to live. Then BAM! Suddenly, the months rolled in with massive change and upheaval. I felt like I […]

What are you grateful for?

Love and Gratitude - Thanksgiving

Love & Gratitude: is one of my former weekly columns where I express my gratitude for people and the world. I stopped the column mid-way through the year but occasionally, it’s not a bad thing to show appreciation for all the big & little things. Being that it’s Thanksgiving, this write up was a must. This […]

Catch me if you can

Just to give myself peace of mind with my travels, I need to always be planning a couple of months in advance. Without further ado – here is my nomadic living schedule for the next 6-7 months. If you are from anywhere that I will be visiting or just a fellow traveler at the same […]

Love & Gratitude: 7/11

I haven’t posted a Love & Gratitude post in awhile. Just because I didn’t think the column really resonated with travel or even my readers. But here it is. Back again because I need it to be – even if just once in awhile. (New readers: Love & Gratitude: is one of my former weekly […]

love & gratitude: 5/30

Every Friday…..end the week with things I love, like + appreciate. + Wine: All I can look at is my empty wine glass and think how nice it is to enjoy a glass after a long’s day work and THEN getting back to work on this…labor of love I called my blog. 🙂  I have a […]

love & gratitude: 5/9

Every Friday…..end the week with things I love,  like + appreciate.   + Erick O. – a friend I met only recently. We met about a year ago when both of us were going through some rough + emotional times. // We bonded quickly after realizing that both our problems came from our relationships + […]

mind-blowing mondays: 5/5

Mind-blowing Mondays: A way to start off the week showcasing what people are doing all over the world and what YOU could be doing instead of sitting in the office or your living room surfing the internet! LET’S GET TO IT // START PLANNING….3 + 2 + 1: GO

love & gratitude: 4/25

Every Friday…..end the week with things I love,  like + appreciate. My lovely + beautiful friend Veronica (check out her corner of the web!). We met at the naive + fun age of 18-19 in college and had internships for a company called Envision LLC. We are 2/3s of a trio called the Envision Girls with […]

Love & Gratitude: 4/18

Every Friday…..end the week with things I love + like + appreciate. http://100happydays.com/: This makes me ecstatic! A #100 happy days campaign to help people have more gratitude! Love it. Can you do it? Join 🙂 ♥ Tylenol for my crucial headache ♥  The beautiful blood moon/full moon vibe we got this week ♥ Prince’s […]

Five things I hate about traveling

There’s a million awesome + amazing things about travel and people can ramble on about the perks & benefits of exploring the world. What about the flip side? What are the downsides of traveling? Here are five things I hate about traveling 1. Security/Customs and long lines: Nobody likes long lines. Nobody. I hate having […]

Love & Gratitude: 3/21

Every Friday…..end the week with things I love + like + appreciate My friend Mimi@http://www.bitsofmimi.com (go visit her!). We met years ago when young & naive in college! Her gorgeous smile always brightens my days (and her huge excited hugs when she sees me). Her compassion (especially for animals) + creativity + fashion sense  // […]

Love & Gratitude: 3/14

Love & Gratitude is a new column I’ve spontaneously decided to introduce on my site. Why? One of my new years resolution was to show more gratitude & appreciation for all the amazing & beautiful in my life. I nixed the idea of a gratitude jar or journal and the idea of a weekly column […]