Top three must eats in Brooklyn – don’t miss these

Three must eats in brooklyn

After seeing your share of fabulous + kick ass street art and exploring the top 5 cool + quirky things to do, you must satiate your hunger cravings. There’s oodles of good eats in New York but I’m going to focus on the top three must eats in Brooklyn that I personally enjoyed and can vouch […]

Top 5 cool & quirky things to do in Brooklyn

top five weird and quirky things to do in brooklyn

What are the top 5 cool & quirky things to do in Brooklyn? (Besides wandering around looking at all the kick ass street art?) Brooklyn is vast and while I stayed in the middle of downtown at the Nu Hotel, it was Williamsburg and Bushwick that was fun + funky. Without further ado, here are […]

Want to be a better or smarter traveler? Here are 4 ways to help!

are you a stupid traveler? here's 4 ways to tell

There are a few things that travelers do or don’t do that really gets my knickers in a twist. I know. There’s many ways to travel and see the world. Call us tourists, travelers, backpackers, flashpackers, nomads, whatever! There’s just some things that I do and don’t recommend doing if you’re exploring the whole wide […]

Top 5 destination list – What’s yours?!

Everybody has a “Top 5 destination list” they would like to go to — someday. One day! I don’t have a particular order in which I visit countries. Many people ask how I choose my next place to explore and usually, it’s without must thought or planning. I leave it to the weather/time of year + travel […]

Love & Gratitude: 3/21

Every Friday…..end the week with things I love + like + appreciate My friend Mimi@ (go visit her!). We met years ago when young & naive in college! Her gorgeous smile always brightens my days (and her huge excited hugs when she sees me). Her compassion (especially for animals) + creativity + fashion sense  // […]