Gratitude. Thank you. With all love – from Morocco

I am writing from lovely sunny Morocco as Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Specifically, I have been living at a co-living/co-working space of a place called Sundesk. It’s located in a tiny fishing village called Taghazout – quite world famous for it’s surfing spots actually. It really IS tiny – with one main road […]

Love & Gratitude: 4/4

Every Friday…..end the week with things I love + like + appreciate. I am SO happy & grateful + appreciative to go on my first sponsored travel/press trip. Thank you to Melvin from and for the opportunity. I will be schlepping there in mid-May and exploring everything the country has to offer. While […]

Love & Gratitude: 3/21

Every Friday…..end the week with things I love + like + appreciate My friend Mimi@ (go visit her!). We met years ago when young & naive in college! Her gorgeous smile always brightens my days (and her huge excited hugs when she sees me). Her compassion (especially for animals) + creativity + fashion sense  // […]