Unique perspective: Being an Asian American female around foreigners in Thailand

Unique Perspective: asian american female around foreigners in thailand

After being in Thailand for a month, there have been some things I’ve experienced as a female and more specifically, an Asian American female. I love Thailand – the country, the people. They are kind, warm, and generous. It’s no wonder they’re always at the top of the list for hospitality when it comes to visitors. […]

Thailand: Bungee jumping in Chiang Mai…the thrills!

Bungee jumping in Chiang Mai, Thailand (or bungy jumping)…seems like really is a risky ill-will choice to make but we did it anyway. Cheap thrills….or so we say. Live for the moment kind of thing, ya know? Highlights: + I had to jump first because Linda decided to take not one but two shots of grey goose […]

Thailand: Playing with tigers at tiger kingdom

While in Thailand, we wanted to play with tigers (cubs though). They’re one of my favorite animals  (I’m a tiger in chinese astrology). I researched about the Tiger Kingdom before leaving and was thrilled to finally be there. Linda wanted to play with only the smallest new born tigers (not that small) and these cubs are […]