Guatemala: don’t miss out the Tikal Ruins

Get to Guatemala’s Tikal Ruins A UNESCO World Heritage Site and only an hour away from Belize so we *had* to stop by. You need a licensed tour guide FROM Guatemala to take you into the country & to the ruins. There is a customs fee for exiting ($37.50 USD for 2 people). History Lesson: Tikal was the […]

Belize: Visiting Xunantunich ruins

Mayan Ruins: Xunantunich Ruins  After exploring the CheChem Ha cave, we headed over to nearby Xunantunich ruins, a former city of the Mayans in Belize. We took a ferry ride over the Mopan river and Mynor dropped us off with our tour  guide to see Xunantunich. We were excited since it was the first time seeing some […]

A Review: Staying at the Belize Jungle Dome

Belize Jungle Dome A European couple (Andy and Simon) own the Belize Jungle Dome, a 5 bedroom eco-lodge. Their two young sons, and two dogs, and an amazing staff of just eight also help to run and manage the eco-lodge. I originally found the Belize jungle dome website when I was about 18 after I picked up […]