Travel Guide: Vienna & Budapest

Travel Guide to Vienna and Budapest When: I traveled during the week of Christmas and left before New Years. Both cities are very cold in the winter but it is still considered high season because of the Christmas markets and winter wonderland feeling it portrays. Route: Flew to London Heathrow → Vienna → Bus to Budapest → London Heathrow → Home […]

Vienna: Visiting the Schönbrunn Palace

I’m outside of the Schönbrunn Palace – the summer residence of the Hapsburg monarchs when they ruled. It’s got 1,441 rooms and is done in the Rococo style. The palace itself is HUGE but it also has ginormous meticulously cared for gardens, a maze/labyrinth and a zoo now. I chose to purchase the Winter Pass […]

Vienna: Belvedere Palace

The Belveder Palace….now where they make the vodka. 🙂 It’s actually two buildings/palaces created in the Boroque style. They call it the lower and upper palace with a kick ass garden inbetween.  The Baroque palace complex was built as a summer residence for Prince Eugene of Savoy. It’s basically a museum. If you’re not interested in looking […]

Vienna: Hofburg Palace

The third day I went to the Hofburg Palace (different from the Schönbrunn Palace – which is their summer residence). The Hofburg is the normal residence of the rulers of the Hapsburg Dynasty. The current president of Austria also resides here….somewhere. The palace definitely exudes power. I love love the detail of all these historical […]

Vienna: Christmas Markets

The Christmas markets around Vienna are worth a visit. This is the one in the middle of city hall but some were also at the Schonbrunn Palace & Belvedere Palace – basically anywhere with extra land and tourist visitors is enough to pop up these market stalls. It’s soo cute, cheerful, and romantic. Lights are […]