Greece Travel Guide: Athens & islands

Greece Athens

Travel Guide Round Ups: Greece (Mykonos, Santorini + Athens) + Generic Dreams presents a Greece travel guide to help you plan your trip and what to do + see when you are there! This includes all the airlines I flew, hotels I stayed at + things I did, recommend or NOT recommend. When: We went early […]

Give a damn. Many damns.

+ Why you should give a damn. About something. Anything. My first post was all about identifying + exploring your passions. This second part will explain about making choices and taking control — of your life to live with passion. Like I wrote before, most people are working to live. This is ass–backwards. Seriously. Everybody wants […]

What are YOU passionate about?

What are your passions? It took me quite some time but I’ve  finally figured out my passions.  Better late than never, I say! It was not easy – in fact it was like pulling out my wisdom tooth without any sedatives. I was working full-time at a consulting company and feeling like a part of […]

15 ways to find cheap airfare

Everybody has their own method of tips & tricks to find cheap airfare (or more affordable airfare). I admit – I do my due diligence when it comes to airfare since there are such good deals to be be had. Here are some of mine… + Surf the web in incognito mode (Ctrl+shift+N) when using […]

Isn’t traveling alone lonely?

A lot of people are flabbergasted when they discover I adventure solo on some of my trips.”Why?!,” they sputter. One friend even declared, “Stop being weird.” Why not? is my usual response. Isn’t traveling alone lonely? This sounds totally cliche and overused but loneliness really is a state of mind. Yes, I’m alone but I’m […]

Travel Guide: Vienna & Budapest

Travel Guide to Vienna and Budapest When: I traveled during the week of Christmas and left before New Years. Both cities are very cold in the winter but it is still considered high season because of the Christmas markets and winter wonderland feeling it portrays. Route: Flew to London Heathrow → Vienna → Bus to Budapest → London Heathrow → Home […]

Travel is not about bragging rights

+ Travel is NOT about bragging rights or just checking things off your bucket list! + Travel is about experiencing the new & facing the unknown. The world is huge so it is vital to get even a teeny tiny glimpse of it. Travel is not about running away or escaping  — because wherever you go, […]

How to use magical healing crystals

I get a kick out of learning and reading about Eastern & Western Astrology and dabbled in Wicca when I was younger (just reading books about it, etc) so it was only time that I got interested in healing stones/crystals. Crystal healing works of a variety of levels, but fundamentally, all are linked to vibration. Einstein […]

When to travel?

People always ask me when to travel and where is the best destination for a certain season. Two words: SHOULDER SEASON “Shoulder season” — generally April through mid-June, September, and October (sometimes early November) — combines the advantages of both peak-season and off-season travel. Why? Weather is still decent + crowds have dissipated + airfare &  hotel […]

Mercury Retrograde: stay stuck & you’re fuqed

Mercury Retrograde is coming up! If you have any interest in astrology and the way our mystical planets work, then you know that Mercury Retrograde comes about 3x a year and it is when the planet appears to slows down, and appears to stop (station) and move backward (retrograde). It’s an optical illusion, since there is […]

How to travel with friends

“I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.” – Mark Twain + Traveling with friends can be an amazing bonding experience but also tough. Especially if it’s with a small group instead of just you and your BFF. […]

How I survived in Vietnam

So a journey – a solo journey nonetheless is not complete without a post on LESSONS LEARNED or Vietnam 101. If you ever go or plan to go, here are safety and advice tips as well as Dos and Don’ts! They will know you are a tourist/traveler even if you’re Vietnamese-American or Asian-American or Asian-Canadian. […]