Stay in Barcelona in style with AirBnB

Stay in Barcelona in style with AirBnB

When my friend, Michelle wanted to go with me to Spain (Barcelona & Madrid), I knew I wanted to stay in Barcelona in style with AirBnB. After doing a little search on AirBnB’s website, I found this beautiful apartment to stay at. It’s a spacious & modern two-bedroom/1 bathroom right in the middle of Sagrada Familia. Prior […]

Finding street art in Barcelona

Street art in Barcelona

While in Spain, I had to find some street art in Barcelona. While there weren’t many things I liked about this particular city, there was a little bit of street art/graffiti to catch while there. I know there was a lot more to find but I was able to watch a few miles and found a […]

Back from Lisbon and Barcelona

Just wanted to give my readers a quick update since it has felt a bit slower than slow around here. It was a long 12 days but I am finally back in the states. It feels damn good to be back “home” and while I’m busy visiting friends, it’s nice to get back to work […]