Where is Amy?

Where is Amy?

Greetings from Milwaukee! I’m attending a blogging workshop/conference called BlogHouse – ran by other top travel bloggers from Navigate Media Group. BlogHouse has been a chockful of information on well – blogging but we’re also on a “mini” press trip so there’s been plenty of attractions and activities to see and do – not to mention […]

Catch me if you can

Just to give myself peace of mind with my travels, I need to always be planning a couple of months in advance. Without further ado – here is my nomadic living schedule for the next 6-7 months. If you are from anywhere that I will be visiting or just a fellow traveler at the same […]

Amy’s Monthly Recap: August 2014

august recap

Let’s recap. August 2014 The past few months have been less traveling and more…everything else (sadly) so I figured a monthly recap might give my readers some insight on what’s been happening besides the lack of travel! It’s been two weeks since August has ended but the past month has been a whirlwind and while I usually […]