About Amy

about amy

About Amy

Born in San Jose but raised in Washington DC, I’m a world traveler, adventure lover, & digital nomad. I’m currently based in Hawaii (since 2016) 🙂

I’ve been featured in VICE, Wired, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, NPR:Weekend Edition, FHM magazine, and other various websites and publications for my travel experiences.

I’m Vietnamese American and enjoy hiking, yoga, astrology & the mystics, reading, scented candles, being around creatives + wine and cheese at all times.

I’ve always had an adventurous streak paired with the thrill of chasing my next adrenaline rush. At the age of 21, I was skydiving, hang gliding + riding motorcycles.

On the flip side, I have a thing for foodie tours, anything beer + wine, and love exploring cool architecture as well as the art scene in an area.

Some other adventures while traveling has included bungee jumping, almost getting kicked out of a sex ping pong show  in Thailand,  eating live octopus in South Korea, cliff diving in the Dominican Republic, exploring abandoned skyscrapers in Bangkok, hiking waterfalls in Morocco + caving in Belize. Naturally, I ended up wanting to live a life that allowed more flexibility + mobility (who wants to be constrained?).

If you’re a little more curious, I’ve got 30 more facts you didn’t know about me.

Amy of Generic Dreams

+ So WHAT is Generic Dreams?

Generic Dreams is a lifestyle blog focused on travel, minimalism, and being a digital nomad. I believe travel broadens the mind + nourishes the soul and living minimally allows for more freedom + happiness in a seemingly complicated world.

Collecting moments + experiences, not things, allows you to endlessly create yourself.

+ So WHY Generic Dreams?

In 2012, I started writing my “bucket list” or a list of goals + dreams I wanted to fulfill in my life. Afterward, I started to read OTHER people’s lists of goals + dreams and came to the conclusion that a lot of people’s goals or dreams were so similar…and generic. So the name is a play on words and me being a bit cheeky. Because who doesn’t have “generic dreams?”

+ My life philosophy – as generic as it sounds, it’s true

Be the best person you can be. Strive for self-improvement. Reflect on your own self-growth. Lift people up instead of down and pursue freedom – to live the very best life you can for you. It’s all love. Don’t be afraid to try new things or embrace the different. Travel – for perspective.


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+ Social Media & Contact:

E-mail: Amy [AT] genericdreams.com
Twitter: @generic_dreams
Instagram: @generic_dreams
Travel Planning Company: Up and Explore