My name is Amy Truong

about amy

 I’m a world traveler, adventurer, minimalist, and digital nomad.

Hailing from the San Francisco Bay area, raised in the Washington DC area, I abandoned my business suit and corporate life and worked remotely while living and traveling around the world (doing software testing & business development/marketing) with just a backpack. Currently, I am based in Hawaii.

I’ve appeared in VICE, Wired, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, NPR: Weekend Edition, FHM magazine, and other various websites and publications for my travel experiences.

I’m Vietnamese American and when I’m not traveling, you can find me hiking, writing, learning about astrology & the mystics, reading, lighting scented candles, being around creatives and imbibing a little too much wine & cheese.

My love for travel started when I started traveling on vacation and got the travel bug. In order to travel more, I realized I had to let a lot of things in life go and became a minimalist.

Some adventures while traveling have included bungee jumping, almost getting kicked out of a sex ping pong show  in Thailand, and eating a live octopus in South Korea. Thre was also cliff diving in the Dominican Republic, exploring abandoned skyscrapers in Bangkok, hiking waterfalls in Morocco + caving in Belize. Naturally, I ended up wanting to live a life that allowed more flexibility + mobility (who wants to be constrained?).

If you’re a little more curious, I’ve got 30 more facts you didn’t know about me.

Amy of Generic Dreams

+ So WHAT is Generic Dreams?

Generic Dreams is a lifestyle blog focused on travel, minimalism, and being a digital nomad. I believe travel broadens the mind + nourishes the soul while living minimally allows for more freedom + happiness in a crazy complicated world consumed by consumerism.

Collecting moments + experiences, not things, allows you to endlessly create yourself.

+ So WHY Generic Dreams?

In 2012, I started writing my “bucket list” or a list of goals + dreams I wanted to fulfill in my life. Afterward, I started to read OTHER people’s lists of goals + dreams and came to the conclusion that a lot of people’s goals or dreams are quite similar…thus generic. So the blog’s name is a play on words and I’m being a bit tongue-in-cheek. Because who doesn’t have “generic” dreams?