My name is Amy Truong

about amy

Amy Truong wants to live in a world where we travel to appreciate and reconnect with the beautiful things around us, travel ethically and responsibly, and where we make a positive impact on each other and the environment.

A few years ago, she was tired of working the typical corporate life in Washington DC and sold, donated, or threw away everything she owned to work remotely around with the world with just her Minaal backpack as a digital nomad.

Some adventures while traveling have included bungee jumping, almost getting kicked out of a sex ping pong show  in Thailand, and eating a live octopus in South Korea. There was also cliff diving in the Dominican Republic, exploring abandoned skyscrapers in Bangkok, hiking waterfalls in Morocco + caving in Belize.

Amy’s been spotlighted and featured on VICE, Business Insider, Wired, ForbesEntrepreneur, and A Digital Nomad Documentary for her adventures and travels around the globe.

Now living in Hawaii, Amy is a proud mentor to disadvantaged teens in Big Brothers & Big Sisters volunteer program and is the leader of Honolulu’s Shut Up & Write writing group where 300+ local writers get together to write, connect and elevate each other’s writing to the next level.

When she’s not encouraging people to travel in a meaningful way, you can find her hiking in the mountains, advocating to end Alzheimer’s Disease with various positions in the Aloha chapter, and cheering on the Nationals, her favorite team in baseball.

Her blog is called Generic Dreams because if you think about it, aren’t we all chasing dreams that are pretty…generic?

If you’re a little more curious, she’s written 30 more facts you didn’t know about me.

Amy of Generic Dreams