Incredible + Fun things to do in Dubai

Fun things to do in Dubai

Incredible + Fun things to do in Dubai

By Neha Singh

Dubai has completely transformed itself from an oil heritage city to a tourist magnet. There are many things which attract tourists and guests from all around the globe. The rich extravagant lifestyle and fun things to do in Dubai makes it one of the ideal stopover holiday destinations. Even if just for a weekend, visiting Dubai is worth it.

With several amenities and good connectivity from Dubai to other neighboring locations, Dubai is one of the very rare and possibly the only city in the world where you can enjoy activities such as jet-skiing, snowboarding, desert safari, the hot air balloon ride or the Dhow Cruise Dubai all in a day. You are going to change your perception of Dubai after going through the list of destinations and activities you can experience.

Fun things to do in Dubai

  1. Shopping in Dubai Malls

With the best brands in the world available under one roof, the mega shopping malls is a paradise for shopping addicts and lovers. You can shop till you drop. You will always find something new to shop for each time you visit. Bring cash or your credit card.

Some of the famous malls in Dubai are the Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates, Ibn-e-Batuta, Wafi Mall, City Center, and much more. There is something for every member of the family to indulge in, which makes shopping malls in Dubai a complete family destination.

Be sure to visit the aquarium and learn all about sea life at Dubai. There’s also fantastic food courts in case you get an appetite.

  1. Beaches in Dubai

When you see white sandy beaches and pristine blue waters, you will be in awe seeing the beauty of the region. Add to that food kiosk, dinner restaurants, private clubs, adventurous water sports, barbecue sites, picnic spots, etc. It becomes a fun location to be at any time of the day.

Some of the most attractive beaches in Dubai are the Jumeirah and the Al Mamzar beach. It is one of the best and fun things to do in Dubai to beat the scorching heat. Sunbathers will have a wonderful time sleeping and relaxing along the beach.

Jet Ski

  1. Jet Skiing in Dubai

Next, you are going to have an amazing experience while you experiment with Jet Skiing in Dubai. The warm sunshine and waters along the Dubai shores make it one of the ideal locations for water lovers.

Due to its increasing popularity for water sports, the Dubai Water Sports Association arranges a week long Water Ski festival every year where top professional skiers from around the globe participate in showcasing their skills. Feel free to rent a jet ski and cruise the water too.

Fun things to do in Dubai

  1. Skiing at Ski Dubai

Fourth, showcase your amazing skiing and snowboarding skills in the middle of the desert city. The Mall of Emirates opened Ski Dubai to the public in 2005. The 22,500 square feet area is home to a group of penguins who are settled in the mall between the 60-meter high indoor snow mountains. Be sure to take pictures with them!

The varying steepness along the course of the skiing journey is a serious challenge for both the professionals and the beginners. There are even lessons/sessions held by experts for all age groups. You can rent snow pants, jackets, and equipment as well. Have fun skiing inside when it’s 100 degrees outside.

Dhow Cruise in Dubai

  1. Dhow Cruise rides in Dubai

Go beyond the hot searing heat and take a Dhow cruise ride. This is one of the fantastic experiences for all age groups. The pleasant wave in the night adds to the excitement of this activity.

Enjoy some romantic moments with your loved ones under the moonlit sky and the whistling shores of the sea. The Abra, which is a small passenger boat is used to transport passengers from one side to the other side of the Dubai Creek. Although they are traditional ancient boats, many people still prefer using the Abras as a transportation source on a daily basis.

  1. Wild Wadi Theme Park

Next, there is no better way to beat the scorching heat than enjoying and cooling yourself through the 24 amazing water rides and slides at the Wild Wadi Theme Park. Located in between the Jumeirah Beach Hotel and the Burj-Al-Arab hotel, the Wild Wadi Theme Park is going to give you and your family a fun experience with some memorable moments.

There are passes available for either one day or for one hour only. You get unlimited rides in the whole day pass. Remember to bring the sunscreen.

Jumeirah beach in Dubai

  1. Jumeirah Beach and Al-Arab tour

The Al-Arab on the Jumeirah Beach is surely going to give you an extravagant indulgence of the luxury life in Dubai. This 7-star hotel is an epitome of luxury and very few people have the privilege of visiting and getting this close to the Al-Arab. Feel free to indulge in a drink or afternoon at this 7 start hotel.

There are restrictions for the general public which makes this tour even more memorable. The Jumeirah beach offers world class hotels and private clubs which offer a great luxurious experience. You can just enjoy or chill out or just sunbathe at the Jumeirah beach.

Desert Safari in Dubai

  1. Desert Safari in Dubai

Your trip to Dubai is surely going to be incomplete if you don’t experience the desert safari in the 4×4 rough terrain vehicles. The scenes are mesmerizing as you watch the vehicle leaving a silken trail when the vehicle passes up and down the desert. If that was not enough to blow your mind away, then the amazing sunset is going to give you one of the best moments in your life.

Get your camera ready as you experience several click moments across your journey. End your tour with a wonderful dance performance by the best belly dancers in business. The dance performance is followed by a delicious barbecue dinner to tantalize your taste buds. You can choose to spend the beautiful night under the moonlit sky or get a drop back at your pickup location.

Dubai Souks

  1. Visiting a souk

If you are looking beyond a luxurious shopping experience, then head to the open markets referred as the souks. Get a whole new experience of shopping by checking them out. Do polish your negotiation skills before you land there, otherwise you may be derived off a great deal. Bargaining is considered a norm so be free to indulge.

The price of the yellow metal and other precious stones may stun you with their amazing prices. They are definitely cheaper than in your country. The fragrance of the spice souks is going to tantalize your senses with the endless variety of spices. The souks are also one of the best places to buy souvenirs for your loved ones back home.

Dubai Museum

  1. Visiting the Dubai Museum

The Dubai Museum at the Al Fahidi Fort offers a great experience and insight into the history and emergence of Dubai from an oil-driven city to a popular tourist destination. Built way back in the year 1787, it is the oldest building in Dubai which is still holding on to its charm and aura. Get deeper insight and understanding of the local Emirati culture. There are millions of visitors and guests who visit the Dubai Museum each year.

  1. Helicopter ride across Dubai

There is no better way to check out the landmarks of Dubai while moving across the Dubai skyline. A helicopter ride is one of the best things to do in Dubai. It is surely going to give you some priceless moments to cherish lifelong. Get an amazing bird’s eye view of the entire city in the shortest time possible. Bring your camera for photographs.

hot air balloon dubai

  1. Hot Air Balloon

It is a wonderful feeling when you get panoramic views of the Dubai skyline and see the landmarks of Dubai from above. The excitement and the thrill are at times better than the helicopter ride across Dubai. Taking into account the hot weather and extreme temperatures, it is advisable to indulge in the Hot Air Balloon ride early in the morning.

Another one of the super fun things to do in Dubai since the experience is one of a kind. You can ask your hotel management or search the net for Private agencies like Rayna Tours which offer customized packages per the client’s needs and requirements.

  1. Go karting in Dubai

Finally, the Union Properties Motorcity in Dubai opened the Dubai Autodrome with the aim of fulfilling the thirst for all racing lovers. This 5.39 km International karting track is one of the fun things to do in Dubai if you have never had the privilege of driving down smooth roads at killer speeds. Last year Dubai hosted the final round of the Federation Internationale de I’Automobile (FIA). The GT championship is also held at the Dubai Autodrome.

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