Digital Nomads: A day at the Veranda Resort in Chiang Mai

Swimming at the pool at Veranda resort and spa in Chiang Mai

swimming at the veranda resort in chiang mai

When it’s hot out, there are a few pools in Chiang Mai to get a refreshing swim but for a luxurious day of  R&R with the sun and a panoramic view of the mountains, you MUST go to the swimming pool at the Veranda Resort in Chiang Mai. After doing my due diligence on the Facebook groups in Chiang Mai, I coerced my newly made nomad friends Jay from, Grum from That Grum Guy, and Darren into joining me for the excursion.

Located in the outskirts of Chiang Mai, the Veranda Resort in Chiang Mai far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I suggest grabbing a songthaew (a covered truck taxi where you hop in the back) and going with a few people (2-4 max) to go with you to lessen the cost. For 3 people, it was roughly ~800 baht roundtrip. We could’ve bargained for a little less but he did wait at the resort for us since:

1. There was no way we were going to get a songthaew back since we were FAR out from the city
2. He was better off waiting for us and getting a round trip fare vs. wasting time & gas getting back into the city only to have to find some more people to drive around.

Consider this a splurge but not so much of a splurge as actually staying at the Veranda Resort in Chiang Mai. 🙂

veranda resort in chiang mai

Once you arrive, head up the hill and up some major steps. Hand over another 400 baht and you get a clean towel + a soda juice. Carbonated soda with juice (go with the pineapple). it was amazingly refreshing and quite needed after the journey.

The resort seemed quite large but the pool had such a small number of lounge chairs that we were lucky no other guests were taking up the umbrella shell chairs.  We grabbed three – talk about being smug greedy kids.

digital nomads at the veranda resort in chiang mai

digital nomads at the veranda resort in chiang mai

So, take your time…splash around. Read a book, listen to some tunes, or have a little nap. It’s calm, serene, and quiet – at least that was the vibe of the day. We’ve heard otherwise from other nomads that visited before. 😛

Be sure to grab a menu and peruse the expensive American/European-esque priced menu for any drinks, snacks or food. The desserts – green tea cake and a panna cotta were both delicious and I highly recommended getting a cold bottle of Singha beer with it. It’s all or nothing baby.

digital nomads at the Veranda Resort in Chiang Mai

I recommend going around noon to leave plenty of time to get there. It would be crappy to get there late and only enjoy an hour two before the sun goes down. Don’t leave until after sunset though so you can get some glorious pictures of the sun going down in the forests. Once the sun goes down, it gets very cool & quite chilly so be prepared to head out afterward.

swimming veranda resort in chiang mai

Swimming at the pool at the Veranda Resort & Spa in Chiang Mai

You didn’t think I’d forget my quintessential jumping picture?!