End of Friends – a break up of sorts

end of friends

+ So…I’m not sure what’s going on but life has been…stale. Maybe it’s because of the zonky full moon this week + Friday the 13th and Mercury Retrograde. I’ve definitely been feeling off-balance. A little anti-social and self-isolating. I binged watched Orange is the New Black but who hasn’t?

I reflected the past few weeks about my life and what has changed. The realization suddenly hit me like a pile of bricks. At the beginning of this year, I had lost two friendships that were near + dear to my heart. I won’t get into the details why but each reason was separate and had nothing to do with me or anything I said or did. Some friendships are broken and some are not meant to last…or cannot last.

I understand that but it doesn’t mean it hurts any less. I was used to spending time with both friends — separately and together. It really is a break up of sorts. You’re so used to seeing + talking to someone almost on the daily and when that ends, it’s a little bit shocking to your daily life. Days can be a little more empty sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I am an introvert at heart and I love my “me time” and living alone but that doesn’t mean I’m a total loner. Humans are social creatures and we crave love, laughter, affection + physical touch.

end of friends

Another thing I understand is that it’s about quality > quantity. I never had an overabundance of friends so this ending sucked a bit more than I wanted. However, I feel the small circle of close friends I have now— will be the ones that stick around for a long time. My life is more clutter-free…now if only I can get my closet that way. I am super excited to go to Israel with my friend Linda in September.  Then in December, I’m hitting up Barcelona and possibly Madrid with my other friend Michelle. Mixing my love for travel + friends = winning combination.

+ But, I think it’s time for another trip. I’m itchy + antsy and it won’t go away until I scratch it. Where oh where shall I make a mini weekend escape?