How to be the WORST airline passenger

worst passenger

WORST airline passenger

Wanna know how to be the worst airline passenger on a flight?

It was a 7 am flight from Malta to London – which meant that I had to get up at 5 am to get to the airport, check in, and go through security.

I get on the plane and sit in seat 6C. Sixth row. Aisle seat.

I settle in, buckle my seat belt + put on my eye mask to get SOME sleep on this three hour flight knowing that I have a few hours to wait at London for my next flight.

Suddenly, I get a tap on my shoulder and it’s the European couple next to me. They look to be in their mid-40s.  He signals that he needs to use the bathroom. No problem, I unbuckle and get up to let him out.

He comes back from the bathroom and both he and his wife tell me that they need to use the bathroom — a lot.

Then they proceed to tell me, “There’s a few empty rows in the back of the plane if you would like to move there.


Are you freaking kidding me? First off, YOU TWO need to use the bathroom (a lot).


1. The bathroom in the front of the plane is for business class passengers so the only bathroom for economy passengers is IN THE BACK OF THE PLANE.

2. If you or your wife needs to use the bathroom a lot on an airplane, DOESN’T IT MAKE SENSE TO BOOK AN AISLE SEAT! Not only does it make YOUR life easier but it is common courtesy to your airplane seat neighbor!


3. It’s a 7 am flight, everybody is TIRED + wants some shut eye! WTF.

I politely said, “No thank you, I booked an aisle seat in the front of the plane for a reason and I would like to stay where I’m at.”

Which was probably the worst mistake of my life.

Every 20-30 minutes as I’m about to doze off, I get an urgent tap on my shoulder. Without a word, I get up and let them out to use the bathroom while receiving pitying looks from fellow passengers. I got up around four (4!) times in a span of three hours.

The last time he stands up, I end up muttering to myself, “Why don’t YOU GO sit in the back of the plane!” I’m pretty sure the wife heard me and sat her butt back down for the rest of the plane ride because when we landed, she was out of her chair doing the “I have to pee” dance.

All I could think of was, “good.”

It honestly was less that they had to use the bathroom often but more that they suggested I MOVE MY SEAT. How about maybe just asking me to switch seats to the window since I was obviously trying to sleep anyway?! Not to mention, they motioned over to a flight attendant to indicated *I* wanted to move my seat…when I didn’t say anything.

So yea, people. if you need to use the bathroom a lot on the plane. BOOK AN AISLE SEAT. Have some common courtesy!  The reason why *I* book the aisle seat is because I tend to use the bathroom a lot too. I guess someone beat me in that department this time around.

/end rant.

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