Afternoon Tea at Ritz Carlton Tysons

Afternoon Tea at the Ritz Carlton Tysons

It was my 28th birthday and I celebrated it in two ways! The first was high tea or afternoon tea at Ritz Carlton Tysons Corner Hotel with my chickadee Linda (who I introduced here). We arrived at 3 pm and quickly seated + given menus.

After looking at the three different tea experiences, Linda suggested we indulge and go for the highest selection called Royal Tea. This included everything from the regular tea menu + indulgence extras like a sparking glass of French rose wine! 😉

Afternoon Tea at Ritz Carlton Tysons Corner
Our choices of tea! A great selection

For our actual tea, Linda chose white tea and I chose the gunpowder green tea from China. Each individual sized teapot is brought over and heated over tea lights. A metal strainer is placed over teacups and the server pours our first cup straining the loose tea leaves in the process.

Afternoon Tea at Ritz Carlton Tysons Corner
Being served tea

The first platter was savory and oh-so cute and mini:

+ Smoked Salmon – Dill Cream Cheese – Pickled Red Onion – American Caviar Wheat Bread
+ Egg Salad Sandwich – Egg Cream – White Bread
+ Classic English Cucumber – Herb Cream Cheese – Chervil – White Bread
+ Mandarin Orange – Tangerine Honey Cream – Wheat Bread
+ Smoked Chicken and Cranberry Vol-au-Vent

Afternoon Tea at Ritz Carlton Tysons Corner
First platter: savory tea sandwiches!

I loved “tasting” each tea sandwich. It brought back memories of dining with my parents and my father would jokingly complained that this was such a teaser and “one-bites” so he’d never be fully satisfied.

My favorite was the smoked chicken and the cranberry which is in the center because of the creamy texture. I also loved the egg salad because I’m a fatty and in love with mayo. My least favorite was probably the cucumber – it was fresh but vegetables bore me a bit anyway.

Afternoon Tea at Ritz Carlton Tysons Corner
My lovely tea date!

Afternoon Tea at Ritz Carlton Tysons Corner Second platter: was the tier of SWEETS!

+ Currant – Scones
+ Chocolate Dipped Strawberry
+ Pistachio Madeleine
+ Financier – Almond Tea Cake with Fruits
+ Opera
+ Lemon Cookies
+ Fruit Tart
+ Milk Chocolate Shortbread
+ Tiramisu

Additionally because we chose Royal Tea:
+ A glass of French Sparkling Rose Wine
+ Fresh strawberries accompanied by whipped cream drizzled with Grand Marnier Liquor

My favorite: the scones with whipped butter spread on top. We both devoured the milk chocolate shortbread. Who am I kidding? We ate everything off that dessert platter! Afternoon Tea at Ritz Carlton Tysons Corner

I was in LOVE. Why can’t I do this every afternoon?! Oh yea, because I’m working at a regular 9-5 job. 😛

The service was pretty good. It was a tad slow at times (for me) but I think this is because “ladies of leisure” tend to be the clientele around here and not looking to be rushed and generally take their sweet time when going out for lunch or afternoon tea. I definitely did NOT feel rushed and they were happy to take a few pictures of the both of us. Afternoon Tea at Ritz Carlton Tysons Corner

Here is the two of us. Sugar ‘n Spice. Can you guess which is the sugary & spicy one of us? I love her to death and we were actually born on the same day if we were born in the same country. We’re 13 hours apart. She was born in China. I was brought to the world in California.

Afternoon Tea at Ritz Carlton Tysons Corner

Linda was the photographer for the day and took a picture of me with my white dress by the world-renowned Ritz Carlton lion logo. Thank you bay-bay girl for the wonderful afternoon. It was an amazing experience and couldn’t have been any better!

Afternoon Tea at Ritz Carlton Tysons Corner

Practical Information:

+Afternoon Tea at Ritz Carlton Tysons Corner (Northern Virginia)
Afternoon Tea information – beginning at $44 per person and goes up to $56 per person. Does not include tax and gratuity.

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