30 things you don’t know about me

After visiting fellow blogger babe MizzJhttp://justj.ca/, I was inspired to do a 30 random things (that you don’t know about me) post because well…the topic is (sorta) easy breezy AND I figured my readers can get to know me a little more. *winks*

I remember a few years ago, it was 25 random things as a note on Facebook. I guess the new thing is 30??

30 things you don't know
In Paris – 2010

Here goes….the fabulous, the not-so-fabulous, and the down right scary about Amy:

1. I’m left-handed. Usually this means being creative & artistic but nope. I draw stick figures & I can’t carry a tune. I’m cultivating the creativity though! On here and various other platforms. We’ll see how it goes in the next year.

2. Born in the month of Taurus & the year of the Tiger. Means I’m interesting right? right?

3. I curse like a sailor to emphasize my emotions. But only in real life. I promise!

4.Journal-ing: something I try to do everyday. I reflect – analyze and over-analyze everything anyway.

5. I have eczema & asthma. Both have improved over the years as an adult but I still get both of them sometimes – due to stress, lack of sleep, or when I’m traveling third world countries where the water is not….so clean.

30 things you don't know
Belize – 2012

6. I hate my smile. It’s crooked.

7. I was a cheerleader in high school. Yes, I was a flyer – the one they threw up in the air and on top of the pyramids.

8. Addicted to green tea and chardonnay red wine. Also beer. A nice cold beer at a baseball game = perfect day

9. I’m super into healing crystals, aromatherapy, astrology, and magic.

10. My handwriting is and always has been atrocious. I’m not one of those girls with perfectly cute handwriting. 🙁

30 things you don't know
Jumping at Mayan Ruins – Belize 2012

11. I have no fashion sense. Jeans & tee kinda gal. I might even throw on a jacket or hoodie for you.

12. My height: 4’10 – so that makes me obsessed with heels. Anything to get another inch or two. I was into heels – now I’m more in motorcycle or combat boots.

13. My college major was in business management.

14. I still have my baby blanket. Yes, it’s falling apart and I refuse to throw it away. EVER.

15. I used to play World of Warcraft in college. I had an alliance night elf druid + horde blood elf warlock. I preferred raiding as opposed to pvp.

30 things you don't know
Caye Caulker – Belize 2012

16. Love to read. My favorite genres: memoirs & fantasy + anything with serial killers

17. I hate the cold and being cold. I’m also easily cold. Which makes for problems working anywhere in an office.

18. I wish we lived in a fantasy world with unicorns + dragons and trolls.

19. I was in FHM Magazine and a few calendars back in my youthful days.

20. I had the Asian blonde hair thing going as a teenager and early college days. It’s quite embarrassing and horrible.

30 things you don't know
Sailing in Santorini, Greece – 2013

21. I was a very shy + quiet child. Then in 7th grade, I got voted “biggest chatterbox.” Wha…

22. I am BLIND as a bat – ever since 3rd grade when I failed the vision test.

23. I have an older sister and a younger brother. Middle child syndrome it is!

24. I cannot read a map. I don’t really know how I travel alone.

25. Terrifed of ghosts. Love horror movies but can’t watch them alone.

30 things you don't know
Thailand 2013

26. I have – used to have a temper. It’s gotten a lot better. a lot.

27.I can’t figure out how to wear make up properly. My friends tend to help me when we go out for the night.

28.I am the worst morning person. Do not make me morning breakfast on a weekday or I will murder you.

29. One of my goals is to go to Meditation retreat and be SILENT for seven whole days.

30.My kitchen is empty. I live like a bachelorette. “Aint nobody got time for that”…Just kidding. I’m trying to change that. Really. I’m cooking now! I’m no chef but I can cook the basics and have some recipes under my belt!

What are some things about you that I want to know?!?! 

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