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are you a stupid traveler? here's 4 ways to tell

Are you a stupid traveler? Here are 4 ways to tell…

There are a few things that travelers do or don't do that really gets my knickers in a twist. I know. There's many ways to travel and see the world. Call us tourists, travelers, backpackers, flashpackers, nomads, whatever! There's just some things that I do and don't recommend doing if you're exploring the whole wide world. What is … [Read More...]

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Generically re-designed

SURPRISE!!!!! As you can see, there's been a slight redesign to Generic Dreams! There's still some changes & tweaks I'll be working on plus some new content soon! A lot of re-organization is … [Read More...]


Love & Gratitude: 7/11

I haven't posted a Love & Gratitude post in awhile. Just because I didn't think the column really resonated with travel or even my readers. But here it is. Back again because I need it to be - … [Read More...]

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