Trip Planning

Get…Up & Explore!

I am so excited to announce the launch of… Up & Explore What’s Up & Explore? Up & Explore is my boutique travel planning service (or agency)! Obviously, I love traveling and I really enjoy planning trips so the next logical step was to start a venture planning custom epic trips for people who...


Ultimate Whale Watching in Maui

Ultimate Whale Watching in Maui

My friend and colleague – Amy Tan from Planet Hoppers and I went to Maui for a few days and we had a hell of a time. Besides, it being a “work retreat” (lots of both work & play!), Amy scored us comped tickets to go chasing whales with Ultimate Whale Watch in Lahiana...

Digital Nomad LifeMusings

Greetings 2016!

the first step is the hardest

In the blink of an eye, 2015 is over. I feel like it was only yesterday that I was spending Christmas and New Years 2015 in California. I feel like I have so much planned & nothing planned for 2016. There’s a lot of personal goals and plans for adventures but nothing set in...

Digital Nomad LifeMusings

2015 in retrospect

stairway to heaven

2015…what a WILD and EPIC ride. It was so full of ups and downs that I’m not sure why I haven’t heaved over the side of the railing yet. I reread my 2014 in retrospect post as well as my Welcome 2015 post and oh…so much to share! Places I’ve lived or visited in...