Back from Lisbon and Barcelona


Just wanted to give my readers a quick update since it has felt a bit slower than slow around here. It was a long 12 days but I am finally back in the states. It feels damn good to be back “home” and while I’m busy visiting friends, it’s nice to get back to...

Love & Gratitude

What are you grateful for?

Love and Gratitude - Thanksgiving

Love & Gratitude: is one of my former weekly columns where I express my gratitude for people and the world. I stopped the column mid-way through the year but occasionally, it’s not a bad thing to show appreciation for all the big & little things. Being that it’s Thanksgiving, this write up was a must....


What are you running away from?!?

What am I running away from?

I talk to people about travel sometimes a lot. My love for it. My sense of wanderlust. I’m curious about where people have been & eager to hear their travel experiences. I’m always planning my next destination and deciding where to go next. When people hear the term “digital nomad” – they usually think of...