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Three must eats in brooklyn

Top three must eats in Brooklyn – don’t miss these

After seeing your share of fabulous + kick ass street art and exploring the top 5 cool + quirky things to do, you must satiate your hunger cravings. There's oodles of good eats in New York but I'm going to focus on the top three must eats in Brooklyn that I personally enjoyed and can vouch for. 1. Roberta's Pizza  So first and foremost, the … [Read More...]

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What am I running away from?

What are you running away from?!?

I talk to people about travel sometimes a lot. My love for it. My sense of wanderlust. I'm curious about where people have been & eager to hear their travel experiences. I'm always planning my … [Read More...]


Catch me if you can

Just to give myself peace of mind with my travels, I need to always be planning a couple of months in advance. Without further ado - here is my nomadic living schedule for the next 6-7 months. If … [Read More...]

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